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Is It Weird To Ask Your Dealer For Seeds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrGoatington, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Typically I wouldn't consider this weird but he grows his own.. so it seems like if I asked for seeds it would be weird because it would seem like I want to stop buying from him and grow my own, so in the long run he'd be out a lot of money if he did give me seeds.
  2. Just ask and find out
  3. no i asked my dude if he happened to have any seeds he didnt take it the wrong way or anything like that just tell him u wanna try growing, people have asked me for some i dont mind and i have friends that will come over and bring me seeds
  4. Just ask him
  5. Ask him if he's got any cuttings for sale, seeds can be expensive.
  6. And if you are that timid or your dealer is a big scary person who you want to avoid spending excess time with, go to attitude seedbank or something. You can get femmed seeds pretty cheap depending on genetics. For example Exodus Cheese & Chemdawg fem seeds are like 6-8 bucks each, that's more then reasonable considering those are purty awesome strains.
  7. kind of yea... specially when you can walk into stores and buy them

    or if you are kind of cool with the guy you can tell him how you want to practice germinating and see if he has any random seeds he doesnt mind handing out
  8. I concur with the idea of using a seedbank versus going to the dealer. Simply because you are getting good genetics from a particular strain. Don't waste your time with anything besides feminized seeds. My last grow I popped 12 seeds from a (reputable) seed bank in an expensive DWC hydroponics setup, and only 4 turned out to be ladies. A lot of work, time and expense goes into growing....starting off with beans that will pop ladies will save you headaches down the road.

    Good luck with growing, it's a VERY rewarding hobby. :wave:
  9. it
  10. I wouldn't ask for a handout, but I would offer Money for cuttings or seeds, as it seems more like a transaction and not like you're trying to move in on his business.
  11. if you're really daring you could ask for some clones, but it's worth asking for seeds too.
  12. If you're buying them I don't see a problem. People ask other people in the illegal underworld for things. That's how people get them. Go ahead and get those seeds.
  13. Just buy a bag of schwag

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