is it weird that my best friends my dealer ?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by africanboy, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. lol ive known him since kindergarden and im 16 now. I cant trust random dealers cause theres always that one dealer who just wants to fuck with someone.
  2. Inb4agepolice and I agree my best friend is my dealer and it makes everything less stressful
  3. yeah i know. and i also dont need to worry about it being laced.
  4. two years before your time OP
  5. Nah that's not weird.

    Come back in two years and tell us about it.
  6. It's only weird if you find yourself balls deep

    If you do, be sure to return the favor. No one likes a selfish guy.

    See you in 2 years! Godspeed and wear protection

    Omega369 :wave:
  7. Sorry OP, thanks for playing
  8. African boy has it good!!
  9. You don goofed
  10. Read the damn rules
  11. Goodbye sweetheart.
  12. Its weird that you don't read the rules...
  13. Was the one sentence you had to read that said "I agree Im 18" too much for you to handle? Go back to fucking school, holy fucking shit.
  14. All I'm wondering is why OP thinks it might be weird that his bff is his dealer?

    OP,in your mind,do dealers not have friends or what?


  15. Inb4banandthreaddeletion
  16. Banhammmmah
  17. I known my guy since 4 yrs old,,my dad introduce me

    best bud dealer to have,
  18. Why must underage people always state their age? You dont hear the old peoples going around saying "okay guys, 43 and 1/4 now, but ummm..." Lol
  19. [quote name='"africanboy"']lol ive known him since kindergarden and im 16 now [/quote]


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