Is it weird that I....

Discussion in 'General' started by JamesLoganson, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. feel like I turn into super saiyan when I smoke the good shit..... I feel like I have a yellow wave of energy circling me restoring and making me stronger... :love-mj::love-mj::hookah::icgreen:
  2. is it weird that you associate the feeling with Dragon Ball Z? maybe

    Is it weird that you get that energizing, restorative, strengthening sensation? Nooo, not in my book. I feel the same way ️ I feel like cannabis is one of the Great Spiritual Foods.. like you can't have too much of it, although I vaporize rather than smoke the majority of the time. It's like adding depth to a never-ending vault of both mystery and understanding.. very pleasurable indeed.

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  3. Probably smoking something other than weed....

    Lol jk
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  4. The thing is I'm not even a dragon ball z fan lmao.
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  6. I do as well buttt I'm kind of a OX so I go super sayian 2 when I wanna flex. If I just want you to see a lil bit of my power I'll go full power in base form

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  7. No. Do you.

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