Is iT weiRd thAt I liKe weeD sO mUch?

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    Ever since I could last remember, weed has always been one of my favorite sources for contentedness/euphoria ........................

    I am now 21 and while the idea to quit has come to my mind, I could never fully go through with it.

    The feeling of getting high is so natural and it simply makes anything you do that much better- whether it is eating, zoning out, creating shit, thinking deep, eating good food with a solid tv shows/movie, etc...................... the only time weed can go bad for me is in certain situations but that's why it's good to apply "set and setting" even when it comes to the herb, unless you like to blaze all day long or something

    really the only annoying thing about weed for me personally as that I manage to stay up till like 4am every night when I am having fun being stoned, but I plan to work on that....... I also am going to attempt to start smoking mainly on the weekends starting this tuesday.... basically no smoking or minimal stoning from tuesday-thursday nights as a refresher (off college friday-monday).

    it is always nice to know that no matter where my life takes me, I will most likely always be able to find weed and make the best of what is going on...... Weed is almost like a girlfriend and one that never bitches at you, although it wont get you laid and can't really talk to you:mad:

    Anyone else think that Cannabis is one of the best things that happened to them? or am I a psychotic enemy of the state that needs to stop using this cancer/violence causing reefer?

  2. No, I love weed too and so does everybody on this site. Thats why they call this place Grass City. Its cuzz everybody loves weed around here. And I agree, marijuanna is the best girlfriend that I have ever had. I love my bud better than I like sex.
  3. that's good to know. it's about time they legalize it. best substance ever created on this earth

  4. you crazy
    no wonder youre a juggalo

    i like weed
    but ive been so blinded for the last 5 years
    i smoked "all day, everyday" as many ppl like to say

    now that im on probation, and am literally forced to not smoke as much, it has taught me that marijuana has to be used responsibly as well (i think i was so angry at current laws, that i wanted to show everyone that i could get good grades, have more fun and do BETTER than they can not high, high)
    yes you can function on weed
    but you arent functioning to your full potential
    dont go to work stoned
    dont go to school high
    dont smoke every day
    find other things to do
    than once you get good at those things, you can do those high(and have even more fun)

    when you smoke all the time, you are so content with just "chillin" that you dont even look for better things to do
    when you are forced not to smoke, you are bored, which is humans natural feeling to do extra stuff
  5. nO iTs nOt ToO BaD, UnliKe ThIs TiTlE
  6. I agree 100% that weed should not be the main center of everything. I like using it best at the end of a long day, it feels good to reflect on everything and reach that point where you can sit around and do nothing .................................

    sometimes when there isn't anything to do- blazing is the best option. I would like to get to a point where I am mainly blazing on the weekends or once every few days........................... The smoking all day thing can be fun but it can get in the way of motivation- which is why I don't do that t0o much anymore
  7. nO iTs nOt WeRiD ThaT yOU LiKe WeeD ItS wErId yOu tYpEd lYke dIs

    fuck was that a waste of time. lol other then that no

    and i found it funny when you said only bunning weekends then said not tues-thursday. lmfao your weekend is longer then your week...hahaha classic
  8. yea, like i said
    i was motivated by anger

    idk why it took 5 years to realize that i wasnt using weed responsibly
    i guess its cause no real consequences showed up
    (except law, which is another spite reason why i smoked so much)

    and yes, somedays its good to smoke
    and night time is always good

    i think most ppl just get so blindsided b/c when you smoke, you CAN do most things that you would do high
    but i cant learn as easily(i made good grades, but it was harder), i have less of an attention span, my short term memory is shot(say something to me, and ill forget like 3 seconds later, or ill forget what im saying in the middle of saying it, or i forget that my cig is in my ear, shit like that, nothing MAJOR, but still annoying)

    one thing i like is, when im high, im having more fun
    like if im at work, i can get my technique down pact! cause im having so much fun
    i can work better and actually harder if im slightly high at work

  9. can't beat a 5 day weekend. :hippie:
  10. I agree with your points. Honestly the only thing I like about being sober in Cannabis Land is that my sociability goes way up and my social anxiety basically disappears. A lot of times when I am smoking a lot I tend to get lost in my head and like you said zone out and it could be a little harder to focus, although with music this can be a good thing
    [ame=]YouTube - I'm Not[/ame]

    the main reason i want to take some sober days is so i can slow down my mind a little and raise my social/learning ability and to save some money of course! good cannabis is fucking expensive in new york

    i also sometimes think about how i'm spiting the government by smoking and that it's kinda cool to succeed while being a toker - almost like a fuck you to everyone you know that is anti-cannabis maybe :smoke: I would have to call it "The Forbidden Fruit" effect. I actually believe that if marijuana were legalized I would have less anxiety about picking up and everything that I would start smoking less but it could be the OthEr wAy ArOuNd t0o
  11. I don't think anyone here likes marijuana. Hell no.

    But yes
  12. I'm pretty much like that.

    But I pretty much hate the thread title.
  13. Nah, the title is more weird then liking weed that much.
  14. I love herb to! I smoke a jay everyday after school. I go home and hill and actually do my homework. If you know mr I never done homework in the past. Since I started smoking my school gpa shot up!

    Put that in your study you goberment dudes. I take addys to focus and when I did that i'd get home and not wan to do anything. But with herb I want to do it, I feel like I think thing over better when I'm high. By on that note it's arts to smoke a jay and drive cluch at the same time :D so I tend to smoke up at home in my shed.
  15. Marijuana talks to you in ways that nobody can, it is for expanding the human mind beyond what it is supposed to be.
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