Is it weird that i don't like joints/blunts???

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  1. Seriously... i can't stand blunts i mean they honestly just make me sleepy and i think joints burn waaaayyyy too fast(n they leave a nasty taste n my mouth) recently ive just been sticking to pipes n bongs. my cousin and a lot of other people I've asked say they've never experienced this and I'm just weird...
    Am i truly the only person who doesnt like blunts/joints???
  2. I'm not a big joint/blunt guy. My first time smoking was a bowl and I've mainly stuck to glass since then. The only times I will smoke a joint or blunt is if there is no glass and if someone can roll well.
  3. Same with me.
  4. Joints do burn fast and for some reason i get a bad taste in my mouth from them to. Blunts all day however
  5. yep me too most of the time i feel like a joint is a waste, and i like the bowl...unless theres company and were sharing....
  6. Ya man your totally weird infact your probably the wierdest person I know :rolleyes:

    Just yankin your chain brotha I'm not much of a joint guy myself, would rather smoke a fatty bong sesh anyday
  7. I love glass, and i love blunts, and i love joints. If i have a dutch and a good amount of bud, ill roll a blunt, if i got a good amount of bud and no dutches, ill roll a J, if i feel like smoking bongs, ill smoke a bong.

    Its nice to mix it up. lol
  8. Personally I love Bongs. I like pipes also however I think it's weird that you don't like joints/blunts.

    I smoke 1-2 blunts every other day.
  9. Joints and blunts are a waste IMO
    Blunts are only good in groups of people, and joints should be smoked 2 at a time, and alone. Then joints are good.
    I've also heard that pipes conserve more THC, and i believe that this is true.
    If you roll 3 or so joints you go through a gram, and a blunt takes one gram alone. Depending how big the bowl is of course, a gram could last a lot longer when smoked out of a pipe.
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    Blunts are just bad. Tobacco is something I can't use, besides, it doesn't give you a pleasant high, is bad for your health, and it tastes/smells terrible. Not to mention how addictive it is anyway.

    Joints, I have recently realized, can be very enjoyable as long as you roll well(wether by hand or with a machine) and are not concernced about smell at all(because they stink!! But still not as much as blunts do). Although you do you need a good amount to begin with, it can be worth it. But it's not economical to smoke just joints all of the time.

    But no, it's definitly not weird to not like joints. I used to think they were a complete waste, now I have learned to appreciate the occasional joint.
  11. i hate j's but a well rolled blunt is the best
  12. It's not weird at all it's just a matter of preference. I like a nice joint sometimes but blunts are nasty and disgusting, not to mention about the least healthy way to smoke it.
  13. Have you been smoking well rolled blunts and J's? If so then bring on the glass. If not try smoking one that has been rolled well before making the final judgement. Either way it's all preference.
  14. naah, not weird at all man,
    i would rather smoke a bong, bowl, vape, chillum, pretty much any piece over a blunt/joint...the only time i ever smoke either is if im with a friend rolling and they offer because i look at them as a waste if miney imho.
  15. Not at all weird. Personally I love rolling up a nice jay and taking a stroll through the forest near my house. On the other hand, however, I also love sittin' at home, hittin' the bong, and just relaxin' all depends on my mood at the time.
  16. Well I've been living with a friend of mine and he is addicted to blunts! It actually drives me crazy. Every time I buy a sack he says "Wanna roll a blunt?" And I say not really... I fail to see the point of a blunt if you don't have a group of people... But then again I could see myself smoking a blunt to myself...

    But I too usually just stick to bowls, bongs, and vapes.
  17. I think the whole aspect of rolling blunts and J's is fun as hell...You may have to find a good Blunt paper you like tho, you may have gotten a taste of a bad blunt.
  18. It doesnt really matter if you dont like joints or blunts as long as you have a good reason.

    I am an example of a bad reason and I will share a bit of it with you.

    I currently hate,loath,detest, and want to vomit at the thought of even SEEING a joint.


    Well, to make a very very very understated comment. IM going through a bad break up. shes gone of course and moving on. I on the other hand am slowly losing my mind. And since theres a strong corrilation with hand rolled objects and her. I hate them.

    Thats not a very healthy reason. So I think your fine. I on the other hand........sure as shit aint. ::shakes his fist in rage::
  19. I don't like J's/blunts because all my friends get real talkative when they're high and we end up wasting a lot of weed.

    That's why I prefer glass where I can smother the cherry.
  20. Glass when im feeling conservative. Blunts when Im burnin big weed. Joints in between meals. haha

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