Is it weird that I do this?

Discussion in 'General' started by Biggreenjake, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Some people think it's stupid that I save up my seeds and when I get alot I'll just go into the woods and throw them on the ground. And every couple of weeks I'll check up on them. Last time I did it I actually got some bud. it had alot of seeds and it wasn't too tasty but it was just cool to smoke it. But anyway I was jw if I was the only one that did this?

  2. plant them in front of a elemterary school at night
  3. Hhahah, That's awesome man. Your like Johnny apple seed ,but Johnny herbal seed:laughing:
  4. I'd take the seeds and plant them around town... Preferably in popular areas where people will surely be like "what the fucks?"

  5. YESSS +rep
  6. Plant them in front of the police department and call the cops on them. o_O.
  7. Nah man you're not werid. It's awesome.

    A few years ago, Marc Emery/Cannabis culture had that whole overgrow bigbro push.

    I loved spreading around my seeds. at that time i was making alot of edibles, so was using alot of mids/regs. had a decent amount of seeds. I spread them everywhere in parks, in ditches by the sides of highways, in forrests. only checked up on two of the places I put seeds. one was in an overgrown alley/easement behind some houses in my neighberhood. I went out of town and a bad draught came through and killed most of that crop. I did end up harvesting two plants, but the quality was horrible.
    The other crop was in a forrest behind some office buildings. Those plants were doing pretty good, but at about three feet they got mowed down so some one must have seen them.

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