is it weird if I add this girl on Facebook.

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    So I started my second year of law school, and I met some of the first years students. We went to some cocktail party and I talked to this one girl for a bit and she was kind of cute, well i'm single and haven't been laid in some months so I pretty much want to try and bang every girl I see that I find kind of cute.
    so anyways..... today after my class I saw her studying with a group of people and when she saw me she said hi and asked me some questions. 
    so would it be weird now to search her on fb and send a friend request?  I usually wait till people add me and don't usually add people, cus it kind of makes it obvious to the girl that i'm interested in her if I searched her out of all the new first year students and add her. there are like 100 new students.
    also I don't know if it matters but we are both of the same ethnic background, she's persian ( I think, she has a persian first name) and so am I but I am whiter than most persians and was blonde as a kid so some persians can't tell i'm persian at first. not sure if any of this matters lol, but I thought maybe she's talking to me cus she thinks I might be pesian also. 
    anyways add or no add? and how do I proceed to hang out with her. I offered her my first year notes lol.

  2. the more important thing is what do you think her reaction would be if she thought your interested altho nobody likes a fb guy ur better off asking to see her phone and just calling yourself blatantly and saying you will talk to her later lol are you the kind of person to be awk at all
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    Do not look her up on facebook. Have a conversation with her like a normal human being.
  4. when a guy does that it usually sends out a "oh he wants the vag" vibe
  5. ^hahaha but I've already had small talk with her and I talked to her a bit today in the hall.  how else am I suppose to get to know her?  she is in first year and not in any of my classes.  I might bump into her at parties some time but who knows
    yup I can be awkward but i'm getting better at not being awkward, cus i've stopped caring as much about what people think. although this thread says otherwise.
  7. FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!
    Yummybud I have this kid in my class that looks like your little twin brother. I actually thought it was you. He has to be related.
    Id wait until you talk a little more but thats me. 
  8. I didn't know that law students went to parties. :confused:

    Honestly, if you're interested in her, ask her for her phone number, ask her out to coffee, something simple, no pressure, just to break the ice, and give yourself a chance to get to know her.
    Facebook is so damn impersonal.
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    hmm okay. but it's much harder and more likely o be awkward for me to ask for a number. plus these days almost nobody under 30 calls people it's either Facebook or texting, i'm serious if you call someone they are usually surprised, I don't' ever call my friends it's txting or Facebook.
    and yes law students party a lot...... my grades last year sucked and I have to raise my grades this year to find a job so I'm trying to avoid the partying.  I was surprised too, but lot of people in my class party a lot and get wasted every weekend like high school students.
    lol I have no brothers, only a sister.
  11. Alright then.
    Add her on facebook. If she accepts your request, then at least she doesn't think you're a creeper.
    but I do want the vag. 
    haha I know what you mean, that's why I asked for opinions. Facebook is so mainstream now though and becoming the main source of communication for a lot of people.
    lol. I think people usually accept your friend requests even if they think you are a creeper, unless they have no idea who you are.
    uhmm you don't have her number?
  15. nope, I only talked to her at the cocktail party, and today she asked me about my thoughts on one of her first year classes, and I told her I have some good notes from last year I might be able to give her.  haven't really had the chance to ask for her number. plus when I talked to her, her classmates were sitting next to her so I'm not going to just ask for her number in front of everyone I think it'd be awkward.
    Ok thats true but what do you think will have a better impact?
    No right answer you have to answer that yourself.
    A cousin or something? Its creepily accurate if I remember your face right. It really tripped me out for a second lol 
  17. No dude, facebook would just confirm that you're a creeper. Play it cool and if she's interested, you'll know. 
  18. just walk up to her one day say do me a huge favor i really need to make a call and then call your own phone and once it rings in your pocket turn it off and say ill text you later and we will hang out or whatever
    this is THE most successful pickup line ever conceived girls love it
  19. you: so ya got a facebook?
    her: yea
    you: cool ill look ya up
    her: ok
  20. Bro

    1. You don't have balls to ask
    2. If you did, it'd be through Facebook.

    You're not gonna "bang every kinda cute girl you see" with that.

    Change the mindset man. Get hella high and be a fearless motherfucker. If this bitch want fries with that, give her the fuckin fries.


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