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is it vicodin?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by killag, May 31, 2009.

  1. I have a pill that says m350 on it and is white and pretty big but doesn't say vicodin on it. But a friend gave it to me saying it was vicodin or hydrocodone of some sortm u think that's right??
  2. Pill Identifier - Drugs.com
  3. Oh and its kinda ovalish and has a line in the middle to break in halfm I parachuted half and it tasted like straight ass hole. Sorry I'd post a pic but I only have my blackberry and the cameras broken...
  4. If it has the line down teh middle, its most likely Vicodin or Hydrocodone.
  5. Hahaa alright thanks guys. I guess its prolly just a generic.
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    How does it being scored make it more likely to be hydro? It doesn't.

    What color is the pill? I can't really find anything on google for a M350 pill.

    Edit: Is it this?

    Edit again: That one above seems to be the only pill I can find that has the imprint "m350". Either way, I'd say 90% it's not hydro. And the stuff it is, I wouldn't want to take that...
  7. It's a diabetes pill lol
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    are you sure it wasnt m358 thats hydrocodone/vicodin 7.5 mg of Hydrocodone and 500 mg acetomenephen ,, m350 is not
  9. Why would you take a pill while being completely clueless as to what it is? You, sir, are an idiot.
  10. While I completely agree with you, you shouldn't name call.
  11. Name calling is fine with me as long as it's true.

    But then again, who am I? Not a mod, thats for dam sure!
  12. haha aite guess i'm an idiot. fuck it. definitely wasn't hydro. just threw the rest of that shit away..
  13. Ok so she showed me the bottle...it wasn't hydrocodone, it was hydrocoden?? is there a difference???

  14. There is a difference.... one is an opiate and the other doesn't exist. lol.
  15. Make sure you take the whole bottle at once.

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