Is it true?

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  1. Heard from a college professor that a police officer must admit that he is in fact a police officer when asked.

    For example if someone just finished smoking a J and a shady looking guy comes up and asks if you could sell him some. If you ask are you a police officer? He must answer yes.

    Can anyone confirm this for me?
  2. Ive wondered this myself often times. it just seems sooo easy for a cop to say no and later denying you ever asked him. God knows they've done worse things than lie:(
  3. It's a common belief that they must tell you, but they in fact do not have to.
  4. Win. Truth.

  5. Correct.

  6. Lying professor is lying.

    Or just thinks he's smarter than he really is which isn't uncommon for some college professors.
  7. how does the law work in this sense? with entrapment and all. so confused
  8. Umm... wouldn't that defeat the point of being an undercover cop?
  9. No. Either he's a liar or an idiot. Or both.

    As though a sketchy dude comes up to you and asks if you need some chronic, but you ask if he's a cop... like "Oh, shit, man! You got me! I'm a cop. And I was so, so close to arresting you. Damn, I guess I'm going to try to bust someone else. Later."

  10. From my understanding this would be an example of entrapment: Undercover walks up to you and offers you some cocaine rocks, you respectfully turn him down, saying you dont do things like that and walk away. Undercover continues to follow you, begging that you buy his crack rock because he really needs the money. You feel threatened and out of fear or something go ahead and buy the crack rock....BAM he arrests you.

    If you;ve ever watched cops, They lie and say they arent cops on almost every sting on that show.
  11. Cops don't have to do shit, they can straight up lie to your face and then put you in jail.
  12. Ask yourself this... how the fuck would undercover cops do their job if this were the case?

    Undercovers actually have a lot of leeway to take somebody down. They can sell you drugs, smoke drugs with you, buy drugs from you, ect.
  13. I think I found my new profession.
  14. I think this is correct. Entrapment is when the cop convinces you to do something illegal that you would not have done otherwise. Cops aren't supposed to entice people to break the law, so if they do it is entrapment. Obviously in each case it would have to be proven that the arrested person was not intending to break the law in the first place.

    And of course, the entire idea of being undercover would be useless if cops had to reveal themselves when asked. So no, they aren't required to give out that info.
  15. Actually I read in a book on the Mafia that they cannot commit any crimes when in undercover duty. which is why they have a hard time infiltrating criminal organizations.
  16. Undercovers CAN break the law, they can do anything that is positive to their investigation, they do not have to tell you they are a cop, they can do anything they want, as long as the case is important enough. My good friend works undercover and he just wrapped up a big drug case, I didn't make contact with him for a fucking year because he was working undercover.
  17. Have you ever watched Cops or any of those types of shows? People ask the undercover cops all the time if they are cops. Of course they blow the question off or they would never get anywhere :p
  18. The only time they don't have to tell you is when they're undercover. Because obviously it will blow their cover. In which case you're screwed already cause you probably sold to the undercover a few days ago anyways :rolleyes:

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