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  1. is it true that smoking out of a homemade bowl made out of tinfoil causes alzheimers? don't call me stupid, please. i've heard it from two people and i've heard it on a forum before.
  2. of course its true, and makes the smoke taste like shit.
  3. As long as you don't use a lighter hot enough to oxidize the aluminum (no butane torches) you're good. It does however make the smoke taste shitty and there are so many better homemade bowls you could use.
  4. some alzheimers patients have a high level of aluminum in their brain but it hasnt been proven to be a cause of the disease, and I dont think a regular lighter will be able to vaporize any of the aluminum in the first place
  5. well weed prevents alzheimers, or so rush limbaugh says, so it all evens out.

    no its debatable, i take the standpoint that lighters dont reach high enough temps to release gasses from the foil, but if ur smokin sour diesel, just go buy a real bong, thats too good for al foil
  6. I'm not sure, but smoking with tinfoil is unhealthy. You're better off buying a real pipe, or rolling a blunt or joint.
  7. yea man, dont smoke with tinfoil. it gives you alshiemers (haha sp) and bad lung problems.if you dont have anyting to smoke out of, just buy some papers, theyre only a buck. and if you need a bowl for a homemade bong, use some strong clay and bake it. haha my friend made a bowl in art class once and the teacher actually baked it for him lol
  8. apple ftw
  9. i myself dont smoke out of tinfoil. i have a pipe and stuff. was just wondering. thanks for the answers.
  10. I've looked into it... If its pure aluminum foil (no wax coating on it or anything), then no, there will be no harm.
  11. i used to know the answer to this question, but ive smoked out of so much tinfoil,,,, i cant remember,,,

    ( i got alzhimers ):p
  12. BAD Stoner! NO! I SAID NO! *hits you on the head with rolled up newspaper* WE DONT SMOKE FOIL! REPEAT IT WITH ME!! I... WILL... NOT.. SMOKE.. OUT.. OF.. FOIL!!

    Actually, yes, I've heard from several doctors that smoking out of foil will give you alzheimers. Roll a Joint or something. Besides, foil tastes horrible!
  13. If you have to ask yourself if something is dangerous to smoke out shouldn't smoke out of it.

    Would you drink out of a cup you weren't sure it was safe to?

    Why not spend the $6 it costs for a cheap bat at the headshop?
  14. Don't even take the risk. I've been in situations where my groupcould find nothing but tinfoil, i just don't smoke on those days. You look like a crackhead anyway smoking tinny foil.
  15. honestly, this is actually the first time ive heard this,,,,, i have smoked out of a lot of tinfoil,,,, like taking a tobacco pipe,,, and making a bowl for it out of tinfoil,,,,

    ive smoked out of a can more times than i can count,,,

    at least now i know where, my '' issues'' come from,,

    i do know that you dont want to make a bong out of,,, p.v. c. pipe,,,,, now thats bad for you....

    i heard that too,,, after i had made one out of p.v.c. pipe,,, and smoked out of it a while....

    thats why im so mentally challenged,,,, its the apparatuses ive smoked the weed out of,,,, not the weed it-self...:eek:
  16. FUCK FOIL .

    NUff said.
  17. Only one person has a clue. Smoking aluminum foil will not cause Alzheimer's. Researchers aren't even sure if aluminum levels are the cause or product of Alzheimer's.

    This is info that can be found on this very site that we all should know.

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