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Is It True You Can't Get High Off Of Male Plant Bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TBKDub_Tree, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. So I have heard that you can't get high off of bud from male plants. Is this true?:confused:
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I dont think male plants have buds....

    Could be totally wrong though.
  3. males dont produce buds
  4. They don't contain nearly as much THC, and they create seeds in the females. Any good grower would weed out the males.
  5. male plants kinda just flower, doesn't bud. It produces a significant less amount of THC and is ridden with seeds.

    You will get a very light buzz high from smoking it, wont last too long either.
  6. Damn sexists.... :mad:
  7. i lol'd hard
  8. get rid of the males,

    and if your plants are growing tall and spindly, and flowering at the top, rip the flowers off so they'll grow bushier.
  9. Never "rip" anything off a flowering plant unless you want to fuck it up.
    You can trim leafs and what not but ripping I don't think so.

    Ive attempted male leaf/stem hash before and it was pretty gross and I felt like I was just smoking a grinded up weed out of my yard.
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  10. Male plants are not ridden with seeds, but they can produce pollen that will pollinate female plants, which will then result in seeds being produced in the buds of the female plant.

    Some people take the time to make hash or similar products from the trichomes (crystals) of the male plant, but others don't find it worth their effort. Male plants have an insignificant amount of THC and will probably give a headache before resulting in a nice high.
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  11. hey man u seem like u kno alot about this. im just doing some different methods germinating seeds and im going to put them in soil 2morow but how many should i keep. b/c i only have a small room about 3ft by 3ft by 3ft and im germinating like 30 plants
  12. I read on another forum that you can get high form smoking his balls
  13. LOL enjoy that bowl of pollen. Hope you dont have allergies.

  14. in a 3x3x3 room you could MAYBE get 2 plants in there. You got to take into consideration the lights that will be in there & any ventilation/fans in there too that will take up space. If you were to try to grow 2, i'd go in the MJ Growing section and read up on "LST Method". Has to do with tieing down the plant as it grows, helping it stay lower, saving room & also will increase your yield.

  15. haahaahahahahahah

  16. Sea of green
  17. Rather than all the "I heards", how about some actual science? :hello:

    Biochemical differences in Cannabis sativa L. depending on sexual phenotype
    (full - 2002)

    And even the pollen has cannabinoids-

    Flavonoid glycosides and cannabinoids from the pollen of Cannabis sativa L.
    (abst - 2005)
    Flavonoid glycosides and cannabinoids from the pol... [Phytochem Anal. 2005 Jan-Feb] - PubMed result

    (You guys might want to click the first link in my sig and scroll down to "CHEMICAL COMPOSITION" for more interesting studies.)

    From my own experience, yes, you can get high from males. A "good" male is about as good as his "average" sister. But males can vary from zero bounce to the ounce, to pretty darn good. It all comes down to genetics.

    The reason for this is the "stickiness" that high cannabinoid levels bring. A "sticky" male will end up launching fewer pollen grains into the air since many will stick on him. A "non-sticky" male's pollen flies far and wide. Nature selects for non-sticky males (but we don't have to!).

    In females, however, being "sticky" is a good thing! Helps to catch every stray grain of pollen floating by.

    But "stickiness" genes won't stay just with the girls, they keep popping up in the boys, too! So it is a more a question of which male can get you high, rather than "can males get you high?" If breeders would pay a little more attention to their males, we might end up with strains where both sexes are decent smoke! Wouldn't that be fun! :smoke:

    Granny :wave: (bio major 1st time around in college)
  18. Man! I am absolutely pissed about. I planted my seeds all 8 of them (yes kinda dumb) in one big pot. I have great growth but after 45 days, I'm seeing the start of what looks like balls at the top flowers. It's looking like I have a bunch of males. So the question applies, should I toss 45 days of hope out the window OR can I still continue to grow it 45 more days and hope for the best THC content in my males?? Help Yoda.
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    I know this is ancient. But i know from first hand experience at this very moment that male pollen sacs get you stoned. I just smoked a bowl of dried male tops. The high doesn't last long but you DO get high. I pulled mine before they started to produce pollen, they are just sacs with nothing in them that i can see, also they absolutely REEK of SKUNK! I slept like a baby last night after 2 tokes from one. There is THC in these however little it may be, one is racy the other is more CBD and sleepy, and if you are low on stash or waiting for your females to finish, you can get high off of males.
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  20. A male plant has about 1%-3% thc. Not even worth the headache.

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