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Is it true bongs increase lung capacity

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bwade, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. i had a friend whos dad does nothing but take bong rips and he went to the doctor and got a lung exam . and the results can back and come to find out he has excellent lung capacity in fact higher than the average man his age.
  2. I doubt it. He probably just has better lungs than others. I really don't think it increases your lungs.
  3. No, smoking anything over time can change lung capacity, but obviously things like cigarettes and cigars hurt you much more than marijuana. So don't think about it too much ;)
  4. Well then, he must be a God among men...Sounds like he is rubbin' up on my turf now, where can I find this Goddamn man?!:cool:
  5. Are you by any chance Charlie Sheen..? Everything you say I can picture on the script to Two and a Half Men. :D:smoking:
  6. No, but Charlie Sheen is in one hell of a bi-winning category...But I can assure you, I'm far more fuckin' awesome than he is.:cool:
  7. My lungs used to be beast when all i did was rip tube.

    then i started smoking cigs.

    God damn tobacco.
  8. Yeah they actually do.

    I had surgery on my lungs a few years back, and they give you this device meant to train your breathing back to normal capicity.

    Basically its a tube with a ball inside that creates wind resistance and you have to inhale to make it go up.

    So I said fuck that, and started smoking out of bongs regularly.

    My lung capacity is actually at 110% of what is used to be (70-90%). I can take much deeper, fuller breaths and I even got the lungs to run a mile without breaking stride.

    So yes, bongs do actually train the lungs.

  9. Me and my sister were talking about this earlier today. I feel like it has trained me to breathe in a better way (calmer) ? I dont know if i make sense im pretty stoned eating a salad.

  10. I love you say that as if the salad would make a difference hahaa, but i agree.
  11. Yeah I think it does.. But so does suckin dick.

  12. Why are you still around?:cool:
  13. i swear big bong rips clear the tar from ciggarettes too,
    man weed is a freakin medicine :smoking:

    i know my lungs are in top shape when i dont smoke ciggarettes and only big bong rips
  14. #14 SirenWasHere, Aug 11, 2011
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    I want to smoke with you, seems like it would be really fun lol.

  15. go away. we dun' want you here 'nymore.

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