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  1. so i have bc juice fruit and white widow growing the juicy fruit is small and i'm at week eight and the juicy fruit is done i'm sure all the hairs are brown and i know you wait for 80% to be brown but the widow hairs are still white.

    i started to leach the system Monday and was planning to harvest tonight but the widow i'm not sure is ready. the top of some of the main colas look not fully developed.

    if i take out the juicy fruit will it be okay to add nutes and keep the widow going a little longer?
    anyone else had this problem?

    i should i just say live and learn and chop it i don't plan to grow more then one strain at a time next batch

    here is the white widow pictures.

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  2. closer pics would help but that widow doesnt look ready to me at all

    Zeus's Take on Harvesting.
  3. What he said ^^^^^

    Doesnt look ready at all. Check out the post midwest supplied, it's the one I'll be using but there are other good harvesting stickies and threads too.
  4. thanks i booked marked that lynk

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