Is it too late to top?

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  1. I'm a newbie to growing and just learned about topping. I think its going pretty well so far but, was wondering if its too late to "top" my plant. She is a little over 2 months old and was wondering what I should be doing at this stage (topping, light, newts?)

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  2. from you're picture I'm going to guess you are still vegging? you are fine to still top, but depending on what you are using you light I would consider switching over to flower soon or it could easily get too big for your light.

    if you give me some more info on your setup and what you've been doing so far I'll happily offer some more suggestions.
  3. You could top it. As star said make sure you have a big enough light to flower. Had some girls that were about 18 to 20 inches. When I surged to flower didn't have enough pots to xplant. There now 5 ft tall and have another five weeks left.
  4. I would personally just cut the middle stem down to where the other 4 or so lower stems start. That's what I've done with all my plants. That way, instead of just one cola, there will be 4. Plus the plant will be shorter which makes adjusting lights and having the space for a mature plant a little easier on the grower.
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    Well to start this is just a bag seed. I planted it as a joke. I'm using miracle grow soil with nothing extra. The light is a 150w florescent. And thats about it. I'm not doing anything else as far as newts or extras.........let me know if I should be lol........she is 2 ft tall btw....
  6. Yeah, you definitely need nutrients and a better light, are you vegging or flowering?
  7. I'm still vegging. What nutrients should I use? and when I top it how far down should I go?
    And what lights should I add? Thanks again for your help btw!
  8. You should at least start with sensi grow A and B, but make sure you get the one for vegging, not budding. when you do start to bud use sensi A and B bloom as a base along with others. You need T5 bulbs if your gonna just use florescent. are you doing a 24 hour light cycle? I started with miracle grow a long time ago and i just started using the right nutrients as soon as i could afford it, about 1/2 way through the veg cycle. Preferably you should get a metal halide bulb/ballast/hood for vegging and HPS (High Pressure Sodium) for budding, on a 12 on 12 off schedule.

  9. Planted as a joke and yet your looking for info on plant training?;) May as well make the jump to using better lights and nutrients as well. :)
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  10. You will
    only need 3 types of feeding solutions
    throughout your plants growth. You will need a
    bottle of feed where the NPK has equal or
    higher levels of N than P and K and you will
    also need a bottle that has higher levels of P
    than N and K. The first one is to be used
    during vegetative growth and the second is for
    flowering. You will also need a third bottle of
    secondary nutrients.
  11. Yes I'm in 24 cycle. I ordered those lights and nutrients. How far down should I top it?
  12. Go down the main stalk to the nearest Node, there should be two stalks going one way and two stalks going the other way underneath it. Cut right above the 2nd set of nodes down. Sorry, I'm having trouble describing it. Do you know what I'm (trying) to describe? lol
  13. Ummm no lol. I know this might be a dumb question but, how important is it to cut it in the right place? Can I just take like 4inches off of it?
  14. You could but it would be better to cut down to the next set of leaves/nodes.
    If you don't know where that is, 4 in is fine haha.
  15. Dj, like you Im also a new guy to the grow knowledge. Soak up as much knowledge here as you can and also check would be surprised at how much info is floating around there with visual aid. I recently did my first harvest and gave it away to friends because I cant smoke. I got all good feed back so the folks here know what they are spitting at you...most important though, DONT BE AFRAID TO FAIL. I made clones so I would have more plants to work with if something didnt work out. 90% of the time, I dont think that there is a deifinite right or wrong answer. I'd say try to top it and see what you get! Good luck!
  16. You can top it whenever you want but yes, this would be a good time to do it.
  17. They can be topped until 1 week before they are placed in a 12h/12h light cycle! Topping causes a stress on the plant and they need to recuperate before another stress is forced!
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    Well she's been topped, the nutrients ordered along with the lights but, I now just noticed that the bottom leaves are dying. Is this normal. I know in other plants the bottom leaves feed the rest of the plant and die and fall off but, is it the same with this?

    PS Thanks to all for the help!!!
  19. Yeah that's normal. The bottom leaves fall off a lot of the time as the plant matures. Congrats, and no prob.

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