Is it too late to start growing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by blacklabel, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. I meant to start growing this summer cause spending so much money on weed sucks and sometimes it tends to get real dry over the summer.

    But now it is like summer. The days are 70-80 F and the nights drop as low as maybe 50. It will get warmer by July and August though.

    If I got right on it, do yous think I would still be able to grow and have a harvest by October or so?

    The biggest problem though, is that since I live with my parents, I don't know how I'd start them off. I could germinate them, but I would need to grow them indoors for a couple weeks correct? Once they were big enough, I got all the land I would ever need to grow them outside, completely away from ANYONE. I'm not sure how much plants I'd want either, don't you only get like 30% females?
  2. I don't have to start them indoors especially with your parents being there. If you did start indoors they would be bigger. You could start outdoors but they would be just a bit smaller. Its up to you what you wanna do.
    Happy Growing :)
  3. Its just like regular growing indoors you can do SOG put them out half way through august at 6" and get some 14-18" plants. The fowering starts around late august. go for it start germinating as soon as you can get your hands on some seeds.
  4. Well that is good to know then. I used a paper towel in a cd case method with some seeds this morning. I actually might be able to grow several somewhere inside for a bit, but I'll just germinate a bunch daily and plant as many outside as I can hoping that some of them will make it.

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