Is it too late to start autoflowering?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stoned42, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Im located in London and heard its too late to start growing "normal" cannabis plants, so I done a bit of research and found out about autoflowering, I can get my seeds by tommorow from just feminized, a guide would be greatly appreciated for outdoors guerilla so Im going to be putting the seed straight in the earth after germination (also how do you do germination) I also plan on growing indica (trying to get kush), yes Im kinda high now so sorry for sounding stupid or rambling [​IMG]
  2. All autoflowering means is that it will flower without regard to the light cycle. So yes you can plant it. Other then that difference it has all the same needs and wants as any cannabis does.

    In terms of a guide at the top of the forums are stickies read those. Google some grow guides. Google is your friend :)
  3. Auto flowers are also use to running on a veg cycle to grow, so while days are getting shorter you might be able to get something off it if you plant outside, but not as much as you would planting it when you should have. Good Luck tho
  4. Hmm thanks so there is still time :D

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