Is it too late to start an outdoor Auto in Massachusetts?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Hamjack, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. It was so coldthis spring I never dared to start an outside plant. Is it too late for an auto?
  2. No ...get them in by end of july

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  3. Cold is no biggy

    but frost is

    let frost be ur guide

    good luck
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  4. I think I'll pop two!
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  5. Not too late for an auto, it's still possible to start a photoperiod strain if given good light all day.
  6. The rule of thumb I read on autoflowers is to pick your best 3 months of the growing season. I start my last group of autos tomorrow. If it's not too late to start autos in my Zone 4 to 5a climate, it's not too late for you either!
  7. I started my outdoor autos at the end of May. It was a cold spring where I'm located, but they are looking real healthy!! I'm getting ready to put a few more down tomorrow!!
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  8. This is the best time to grow autos. Here in Michigan July is when we get the most light. Summer started a little over a week ago.
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  9. I planted two Girlscout Cookie Auto Fems in a 12 gallon Earthbox today. If we go away this summer the earthbox is a self watering grow box. I used Coast of Maine Organic Soil. This should be fun.
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  10. Yeah I'm thinking of doing some kind of Autoflower in a pot because almost all my plants were killed. Except for 2 but they look great.
  11. Both seeds germinated and popped out of the soil today. It's hot and humid up here so I moved them under a partial shade umbrella. They're still getting light, but shouldn't get scorched.
  12. super mini pvc hoophouse with greenhouse 6mm plastic? thats what Id do if I lived somewhere cold. the insulation will protect you from cold and rain. you can also roll it up when hot. heck you can even do photoperiod plants and light dep them.
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  13. dig pots into ground to make it as low as possible. with some lst, everything should be pretty manageable from logistic pov. cheap $2 led bulb ina reptile dome type of thing can stretch light if you need it.
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  14. It went from cold and rainy to hot and humid. We should have 90 growing days left. If I have to I can pull them inside to a tent with LEDs.
  15. yea thatll work. if youre not worried about the mini hoophouse looking like a little light dome from helicopter pov then you can just stick a little 15watt led bulb 1500 lumens and itll keep them in veg. really cheap too. i used one bulb for each 6'x5' canopy. that should be enough to fit 3 autos.
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  16. you can even add a little net and itll protect you from POS caterfucks. 99cent store has a pretty cool garden section with nets, trimming scissors, trellis, pots, and other cannabis friendly stuff. last time I went to the states I racked up lol. bought a load of stuff there. they even have little coco bags.
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  17. I'm in a legal state. I harvested a pound from my late winter/spring inside grow.. That'll last my wife and I at least a year. This grow is just for fun.
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  18. Do any of you use neem oil or anything as a preventative against pests and what not?

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