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is it too late to put it ouside???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by vertigo, May 27, 2009.

  1. hey,
    i started a plant indoors and its about a 1&1/2 weeks into flowering. my set up is sub-par and the last plant i harvested from my grow room lacked density and size and everything else you want for your buds.... i know what i need for a good indoor set up but i cant afford it. my question is, can i put the week and a half flowered plant outside to grow even though its early spring and i've had the plant on 12/12 indoors? i was thinking maybe the change in light cycle would mess it up somehow. or the fact that its already budding but if it was grown outside it wouldnt look this way for a few months
    know what i mean? plz help
  2. Its not too late for your lady, since she's only been flowering for a while. If you go from 12/12 to we'll say 18/6 or 24/0 she'll re-veg. Keep in mind this change in light cycles will shock her a bit and it will take like 3 or 4 days for growth to resume. The farther it is in flower the longer it takes for growth to resume when introducing veg cycles again.

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