Is it too late to grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dfhdhfwoee, May 15, 2010.

  1. I live in Michigan. I ordered some Purple power seeds and planned on growing outdoor by May 12 (the last frost date for my area). I had EVERYthing planned out perfectly.

    Longstory short, my plans failed and I can't grow at the moment. However I will be able to in midjune. Will it be too late to grow then or will it not make a difference?
  2. I can't say; when is the first frost in your area(ish)

    Because if its anywhere near the first week of October then you will either have to move it inside (risky) or be forced to clip developing buds, from which you will have little reward.

    Better just try it indoors from the start, if you have the means, you can search many threads on this.

    Good luck mate.
  3. Damn that's unfortunate... won't be able to bring it inside early. Not an option for me. :(
  4. what part of michigan? I'd say go for it man. They won't be as tall, but you should be fine.
  5. im in a very similar situation. im in SE mich. we should both do it and see what happens. and... be friends lol
  6. i think you should go for it
  7. I got a late start too this year due to the crappy IL weather these past few weeks. Finally prepaired my soil and put up the fence and started germinating my seeds this morning. I say go for it. what have you to loose? Either you plant in mid June and have a small harvest or you don't plant and have no harvest. To me thats a no brainer.
  8. I am still going through with it because I have nothing to lose. Plus purple power flowers earlier than other strains....worst thatll happen is i have a small amount of bud.

    im from Utica btw, were not too far buds

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