Is it too late for my females??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Loomy303, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. I check m plants daily and today i note these two plants are question is if im already too late and my plants are pollinated. Is there anyway to tell?

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  2. That pollen sack still looks closed to me. Kill that motherfucker while you still can.
  3. Okay man i took it out already...thid plant here is a female right??

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  4. looks like it. Have you already killed the male plant? You could keep him and collect some of the pollen to make a few seeds of your own. Then you no longer have to buy expensive seeds
  5. Havent killed it yet but is it worth making seeds i only have one tent
  6. I mean I guess it just depends. Dont keep it in the tent with them. You can let the pollen sack mature a bit more and then burst it open somewhere outside of the tent and use a paintbrush or something similar and just put a small amount of one of the plants. Depending on how long/how many grows you plan on doing it may be worth it. I dont really enjoy waiting for 2 weeks where I live to get seeds.
  7. I think im gonna pass on the seeds. My plants are 2 weeks into flower i just worry they already got pollinated ;(
  8. Im sure theyre fine.
  9. I lost 2/4 i guess thats not too bad lol
  10. Whats your setup like?

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  12. Its probably just the lighting, but i see 100 shades of green

    Holy shit, its not butter?
  13. Lol what do you mean? The strain is herijuana
  14. And also do you think my females are gonna be okay?
  15. Haha i was just talking about how some leaves look bright and some look dark

    Holy shit, its not butter?
  16. Just wondering what that could be?
  17. Probably just the lighting making it look different. Those plants look healthy as hell bro. Didnt mean to worry you

    Holy shit, its not butter?
  18. No prob dude...theyve been flowering two weeks

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