is it too late for LST, Topping or Mainlining?

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    46 days (>6 weeks) since the day I started germinating seeds

    7 plants in a 3x3x6 tent. I will not keep every plant as I don't know which ones are male or female yet.

    Is it too late for LST, Topping or Mainlining this crop or can I still do that? Which method should I use?

  2. Pic doesn't work for me
  4. get sex done first

    then decide is me

    good luck
  5. Still plenty of time really. I just started trying to train mine now (Wrong move looking back) They've gotten very woody and don't like to bend. You've got plenty of time to manipulate that plant.
  6. I so want to get this sex determination done asap. Hopefully if i can lock done a light for cloning, timer and myler, I should be good to go. DO you know of a light bulb i can fit into a regular socket that would be good to grow out 7 or 14 clones on a water heater? Or even a cheap cloning light that is good enough for sex determination.
  7. I'm using a cheap 400w Mh lamp doing the same at the moment

    but any of the same wattage would be great
  8. i use this to make clones. I was running a cheap china blurple light that worked well also, but gave it away
  9. there was some siginifcant height differences so i decided to top my healthy plants and LST all the plants today.

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