Is it too late? (Educational Advice please)

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  1. Howdy ya'll.
    (this gets posted here for lack of a better forum)

    I got kicked out of high school in grade 11 because I would never show, do homework, ect ect. After a year living on my own working a dead end job where all I do is look shit up online I've decided I want to be a physicist. Now I was never spotted for a gifted program, so I know I'm not super intelligent. However I always excelled in math and stayed in the academic caste at my school until my exodus.

    My main concern is that I will go back to school, get the prerequisites and apply to a university only to find out I don't have the intellectual capacity to accomplish anything worth while. This leads me to my question, is there anyway to find out if my brain is simply up to snuff? Or do I need to just dive in and find out?

    P.S. what field of physics would things like fusion, interplanetary/interstellar travel apply to?
  2. First off you would have to get your GED if you haven't already.

    I would suggest going to a community college where you can get a feel of whether you are good or not in physics and if you can handle the pain :D

    I took physics last semester and it wasn't half bad. I actually really enjoyed it and learned some interesting stuff. It was way better than my HS physics class.

    Good luck to you and idk where interplanetary physics would apply to but I think you should start off small and work you way up :wave:
  3. Have a 9am meeting with my former principle tomorrow to get on that. But I'm curious as to whether online courses would provide a better learning environment for me. Would any courses taken in community college have any weight at a university?

    Thank you for the speedy an informative response.

    Another question, inorder to take the oxford IQ test do you need to actually go to Oxford university? Or could my guidance consular set that up for me?
  4. Dive in and find out. You might not be another Einstein (remember though that einstein wasn't particularly gifted in school), that doesn't mean you can't make a contribution.

    Fusion would probably be nuclear physics, the astronomy stuff is probably astrophysics.
  5. Yes most if not all community college credits transfer except for a couple here and there, you'll have to look up the details. There's not too many that don't though.

    As for the Oxford Test i honestly do not know. That is something that your conselor can definitely help you with and if not they can tell you where to find the info for it. You can probably find some info on the web and such.

    Hope this helps, and do what you love. :)

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