Is it too early to switch to 12/12?

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    My plants are about 48 days old and I'm wondering if I can switch to 12/12 yet. I'm asking because I have limited space and I've heard that once they get less light they will stretch out before flowering. I had some issues with my lights when i first started these so they are a little bit behind schedule. A friend of mine told me that if i switch too early the plants could actually stay in veg forever and not flower at all. I'm not worried about my yield since it's my first time growing. I'm just hoping to harvest a few grams off each plant for me to smoke. I plan on switching from 20/4 to 12/12 on July 30th. Are they too young. Each plant is up to its 8th pair of leaves. Not autoflowers just regular photo period seeds. 20190718_163607.jpg 20190718_163613.jpg 20190718_164132.jpg

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  2. Your friend doesn't know what he's talking about. You can switch to 12/12 whenever you like - the plant won't go into flower until it's mature enough - usually around 3-4 weeks assuming it's growing fast and is healthy. I usually veg for about 5 weeks.

    Keep in mind that the plant will double in height, which will be a problem for you because you already don't have enough light. You're learning and next time will be better.

    Good luck.
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  3. If you study the growth patterns of the plant you will see that for the first while, the leaves and branches exit the main stem in pairs, opposite sides. While this is going on the plant will not enter the flowering stage regardless of the light sched (very useful if you want to start outdoor plants really early). Plants that are old enough to flower will have the leaves and branches staggered on the main stem. It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks from germination for this change to happen.
    If you don't have enough light for flowering, all you are going to get is a couple of tiny popcorn buds and a whole lot of stem. Also, the stress induced during flowering in a low light condition can easily trigger Hermaphroditus.
    To reduce the stretch, when you change the schedule, also move the lamp MUCH closer to the plants. Even a few inches will make a difference. Light intensity reduction follows the rule of the inverse of the square of the distance... So, for example, a lamp at 1 foot will have 4 times the light as one at 2 feet and 16 times the light as one at 4 feet.
    The stretch is also partly determined by the strain. Some stretch like mad and there is nothing you can do but bend and tie and make cool topiary out of your plants. I did one once that turned back on itself several times.. Trimming that one was a pain.
    Twist ties and pipe cleaners are your friend.
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