Is it to late to LST?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by jrhc420, Nov 13, 2014.

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    Hey wanted to LST my white widow 2 Weeks into veg but was wondering if its to late? And if I do where should I tie it down at the lower stalk of it?

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  2. You're right on schedule for LST actually. You may even find it benificial to wait it out to 4-5 nodes

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  3. It's never too late to LST..that's the beauty of low stress doesn't stress your plants.
    You can LST a flowering plant that's 2 weeks from harvest and it won't cause any stress.
  4. Cool I was really afraid that the stalk would break from me bending it this far. Thanks I just have to transfer into a 5 gallon bucket and get some swist ties.
    true, but you won't really benefit from doing it that late either would you?
    you're not gonna create any new nodes or anything, just re-distribute light at the most
  6. Welcome to the wonders of LST
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  7. You will benefit if two tops are touching/robbing light and you spread them away from each other.

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