is it to hot

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  1. i have a small closet grow and i shut the door at night to slep and opun it win i wack up and my thermomuter reads 90 my qwestun is will this tempucher kill my babeys becose i can not cut out holes for in and out intaks will thay mack it in this heat
  2. The ideal temp for growing weed is 68 - 78,but i cant see why 90 would kill your plants
    as they grow very well in hot places.So i would say they would be ok.Good luck :smoke:
  3. Ive been growing in an attic the last 4 weeks and it will get like 95 during the peak of the day due to a a/c problem and they have been fine with very little signs of stress, keep doing what your doing, maybe think about getting a fan in there to at least circulate the air around and you may see an improvement in the temp and the rate of growth.
  4. The plant might suffer but shouldn't die. Above about 85F MJ plants have difficulty uptaking CO2. Most likely impact on your grow includes slow/stunted growth, smaller buds, and/or fluffier/lighter buds.

    Why not buy a cheap door that will fit on that closet and cut holes in the new door, put the other away to replace when you shut down your grow? Your best solution will be good air circulation with cool air intake. Plants need air circulation to breathe not just to keep temps down. Some growers who can't keep temps down will supplement with a CO2 generator of some kind. The best for this are either propane-tank driven or homemade organic yeast concoctions.
  5. i have a osulating fan in ther it dusunt help much but it will help strenkthun stimes 4 the big buds 2 come if ther is no air intack thin the fan just blows around hot stael air
  6. i know that best temp is around 75/80 thats wiy i wunderd if the 90 was to hot and stufy 4 them

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