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Is it time. . .

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Boesak, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. I have smoked pot for about 7 years. Recently at a party some doctor guy told me that 5 cigarette size joints has the same quantity of tar as a whole pack of smokes. Is it really true do you guys think? I never thought of pot as being as bad tobacco but if it is I feel inclinded to give it away. Fair enough I could use a vapourizer but it can't beat rolling up.

    Am i just being paranoid or could pot actually be that unhealthy?
  2. Yeah I think it has got more tar in it, however cigarettes have heaps of other chemicals in them as well.
    Try smoking through a waterpipe or something because the water filters out a lot of the bad stuff in the smoke :)
    I guess its still pretty bad for you (I mean inhaling smoke into your LUNGS) but I'd say not as bad as cigs)


  4. yeah ive heard that too, but ive also heard from sources i trust (well i trust em more than anti-drug ads atleast) that those tests were on the marijuana leaf and that the buds have less tar, and that the tar in weed isnt cancer causing because it isnt radioactive like the tar in cigs
  5. yeah weed has more tar in it, keep in mind most people smoke more cigs than weed though. Also like zestionmark said cigs have a bunch of other harmfull characters. Inhalin any kind of smoke is bad, if you wanna be safe just cook weed or use a vaporizer, problem solved. Those anti drug ads forget to mention that you dont HAVE to smoke weed like you HAVE to smoke cigs to get the effect.
  6. more tar....less harful carcinogens....
  7. and a nice stoned feeling to boot!
  8. Weed cant be that good if smoke is in your lungs.

    I smoked cigs for 14 years and weed for 17 and three years ago my lung collapes.
    I used to cough like hell and hack my brains out every morning.
    I still hack alittle but not as bad,just cant give up everything so now i stick to herb.
  9. I always used to think it was 4 times as much but I read somewhere recently that it's actually closer to 2x. Sounds like propaganda to me.
  10. No no no no I strongly beleive weed does not have near as much tar in it as tabaco has no wear near but i wanna ask you this on Tv have you Ever seen a comercial where it shows a nastly looking lung and says from smoking weed!? Ive never in my hole life seen one only from smoking tabacoo all you see about weed is some stoners baked and hitting that little girl on her bike wich i allmost got in trouble mby my teacher by it when i laughed my ass off in class when i saw this pretty funny from my point of veiw not saying killing kids is kool but besides the point maybe weed does have mopre tar in it but i remember hearing from some where maybe my dad but a scientist descoverd a cure for cancer! but it had weed in one of the diet things you have to do during this process well it just faded away most likely because the government is making Billions off dollors each year off of people buying pills and stuff from doctors.
  11. grrrr.
    i cant believe that someone who been tokin for 7 years is even asking a question like that.

    it all depends on what part of the plant you are smoking.

    if you are being silly and smoking the stems or leaves then yeah.. its true.

    far less so if your smoking the part of the plant that is actually meant for smokind...


    and i got a few hundred thousand other reasons why its WAY WAY WAY healthier for you than tobacco.

    just cos this guy was a doctor doesnt mean his words are the words of god.
    doctors only play god. ;) hehe
  12. you must also remember that when you get a cold, you get an expectorant to get all the phlegm out..well..marijuana has expectorant properties as it forces out some tar and other junk from whatever is in there
    and when people have asthma..what do they need..something to dialate their bronchials..guess what
    marijuana is also a natural bronchial dialator..not only do you breathe deeper, but you clean out bad shit....

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