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Is it time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ElementChron, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. is it time to face were just a bunch of fucking stoners? i was thinking... like, we just get stoned, i mean im stoned right now... but is it time to face were just a bunch of stoners ? and we just smoke ganj and get stoned but why :confused::smoking:
  2. no, no, because its awesome
  3. You wanna know why? Cuz a day isn't complete till the bowls complete.
  4. Everyone has a reason they smoke, whether it be to just have fun, or to improve their life.
  5. Look at the options you have got to feel happy/good mood/relaxed etc.....

    Alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, buy lots of fancy things get in debt.

    Life without weed is fine but its a pretty boring existence, you only live once no second chances so live your life to its fullest and enjoy, weed is just a way of making life better in the safest healthiest way possible in my opinion.

    Every stoner doubts himself every once in a while its only natural but once you finally make peace with your doubts the weed and the life that you once doubted will become crystal clear and only then will you truly appreciate how wonderful the herb can be in every single way imaginable and there will be no more doubts.
  6. Eh. If you have a job, and you can hold it for longer than 2 years, you have hobbies, at least 1 good friend, maybe live on your own, going to college or have a carreer, then no, you're not a failure. But, if you smoke everyday, and can hardly hold a job, and have to ask for money all the time, then yes.
  7. The herb will continue to grow whether you smoke it or not.
  8. it relieves stress brother
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  10. This is when you move to Seasoned Tokers :smoke:
  11. the weed choose us, the plants choose us to grow them ,its not the other way around . we were predestined to this lifestyle, im stoned now too ,did that even make any sense?
  12. I can't speak for everyone but I'm not just a stoner.
    I mean, I am a stoner sure, but not just a stoner.

    I'm many more things, though I don't normally like attaching labels to myself.
    The only label I'm completely comfortable with conforming to is "molecule"

    We're all just molecules, inhabiting a vast expanse of nothing/everything

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