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  1. Hi guys just a quick question, I have been watching the trichomes on my babies and I would say they are mostly about 50% cloudy (meaning that almost all of them are still clear on the top half of the mushroom tip but cloudy on the bottom) I am almost ready to chop the one that started to flower first (which started about 2 weeks before the others) I am just worried about going too early. The other two are still definitely about 2 or three weeks away. I have a picture of the first one in case it helps, the main thing that is putting me off taking it down is that the pistills are going brown and shrivelled but only the tips have changed, the base half of the pistills are still white.
    Please help I dont want to miss my window.

    Also I am starting to get a little worried that I might loose them to thieves and if I cut the first one at least I have something to count for all my hard work.

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  2. What do the trichs look like? Magnified u want 50/50 clowdy amber.
  3. [quote name='"420patient"']What do the trichs look like? Magnified u want 50/50 clowdy amber.[/quote]

    Narr mate, depends on how he what's it too be! Personally I have it at 75 Amber 25 clear, then u get that couch lock, where your just stuck to the seat! Lol but depends what u like really.
  4. If it were me I would give it like a week or two at the least. I would say maybe even longer depending on the strain, but if you're really worried about robbers you should harvest ealier so that way you at least get something. If you don't think it's that serious though, keep on growin. :wave:
  5. That's a sad looking bud. Did you forget about nutrients?
  6. The trichs are mostly all cloudy with maybe 1 or 2 turning amber so it is probably rite to leave them for at least one more week.

    I did neglect them on the nutrient side a bit when they were little so probably could be better. But this is my first grow to yield females so really kind of feeling around in the dark.

    The photo does make it look a bit unhappy but its not too bad in real life. The top Cola is abut 3 inches in diameter and about a foot tall

    I guess I will wait till next weekend and see what I think.

    Thanks for help guys
  7. Yeah sorry for being so harsh. Nicely done for your first grow. I'd give it another 1-2 minimum, but in the end it's still herb!
  8. That's cool man thanks for the advise. I guess I am getting a little excited, I will cool my jets and pray that they are still there in another week out two. I think I am being a bit over paranoid about them getting pinched, I just can't bear the thought of losing them :)
  9. Bud looks fine man, ignore the haters who just act sour in every post.

    Good luck
  10. Thanks man, i'm really looking forward to the day I can pull some out of the cure jar and sample my wares ;-)
    Although I just went and checked on them and noticed the fan leaves are looking a bit dry and are going crispy even though we have had rain most of last week and the soil in the pots is damp to the touch.
  11. So I left it for a week and it was just what it needed 90% of the pistils are now brown n shrivelled and there is a fair smattering of amber trichomes probably 20% which some may say is not enough but I would prefer a little early to avoid too much couch lock :) so its into the dark for my pretties.
  12. Well I just smoked my first home grown joint and it was very nice I am going to put it all in jars tonight and let it cure for a bit. I made some killer QWISO to keep me entertained while it does so leaving it for another 4 Weeks shouldn't be too hard. can't wait for next season already.

    Thanks to all who replied with help.

  13. You want 75% cloudy ZERO amber... That Amber myth needs to die...
  14. how is amber trichomes a myth? is that because you can't get your crystals amber? amber = couch lock. I go for 50 percent amber 50 percent cloudy....

  15. Dude they look great! I was just here with mine not too long ago!
    I'd for sure give them another week though, they could definitely benefit well from the extra time, and fluff up some more. Trust me man, I was so eager to pull mine but everyone was telling me to just give it another week and I won't regret it, and I surely don't.
    One week seems like a long time, especially when it comes to how soon you get to smoke your buds that you YOURSELF grew, but they all say to wait for a reason.

    Just do a flush, and you should be good.
    Good luck man!

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