Is It Time To Start Feeding My Plants ?

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  1. Here are my cannabis seedlings that I have under my 600w MH in their veg stage.  I'm not really 100% sure how long they've been growing because I didn't really take the time to count, but my fox farm trio nutrients came in today and I was wondering if my plants looked mature enough to start feeding them, and i'm going by this guide so if they are mature enough to start feeding which week should I start on ?


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  2. light feed soon maybe.....bigger pots soon definitely. If you don't know how old they are then how do you tell someone to start Nutes at a certain week?
  3. What size pots could I get that would still allow me to fit 27 plants in that area ? And I gave them the week 1 feeding on 5/31/13 but I didn't think they really needed them so I stopped.  So should I feed where I left off or feed close to their age ?
  4. Feed when they need it....don't use the guide on the bottle...I know your trying a sog but root mass is a direct relation to bud to mention late in flower you may have to water those little cups 2x a day
  5. Nah i'm not trying a SOG , the only reason I planted that many is because I want enough bud to last me for a long time and those are bagseeds so I planted that many hoping for an outcome of enough girls to last me.  If they were feminised I would only have about 4-5 plants down there.  And how do I know when they need it ? And do you think those cups can last long enough for me to sex them ?
  6. Your best bet is to measure your area and get square pots to fit with there being so many you might want to think about tall thin pots so you don't have to waste any. I wouldn't adivse keeping them in those small cups as undoubtedly you'll end up root bound which will kill your plants. I'm betting from those pics you've maybe got a week before that happens but realistically I would swap them over to bigger pots now to save heartache of losing what could be fems
  7. Alright but what size pots would you eyeball them to be because I don't have anything to measure them with but i pass a store that sells pots everyday .
  8. You want us to smoke it for you too?.....go get a tape measure. Try 1qt to 1/2g containers.
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