is it time to pick ??

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  1. my top bud leafs are turning a bad brown..i enduced budding august is now sept 21st.. is it time???
  2. No. most marijuana strains take anywhere from 8-12 weeks to fully mature/bud. Your at about week....5 and a half?
  3. why are they turning brown? they seem to be dying.. i take good care of my babies first time for this strain...its unknown..
  4. You need to post a pic. It is impossible to tell if the plant is ready without a picture. I have harvested plants after 6 weeks of flowering before. They were definately ready, infact, some were slightly over ripened. You simply can never tell if a plant is ready just by the time it`s been flowering. Thè time it takes to fully mature the bud depends on like 30 different factors such as (strain of plant, lighting, hydro or soil, temps, nutes)

  5. Agrees have seen 2 outdoor clones finish 2 weeks different in the same field(opposite ends) because of light and sun patterns9(i believe) . One thing to remember is unlike indoor budding , outdoor budding gets faster and faster as it goes later into fall because of the constant decreasing of hours of light ,indoor stays at 12/12 normally for whole time, i

    if your buds are brown theyre
    2-overripe and in which cause probley starting to rot
    3.suffering from far to much water and humidity,
    4.Anaerobic bacteria which sometimes can happen after a frost or too the buds take on a brown look, this stuff gets you sick-compost it

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