Is it Time to Harvest?

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I've been growing this baby since September, and we've had our ups and downs but I think it's finally almost ready for harvest. Unfortunately she got pollinated back around Thanksgiving but so far their haven't been too too many seeds. There's not a ton of bud but we're hoping to harvest what we can. The crystals have started turning milky and we even have a few that are looking slightly amber, I plan on harvesting sometime next week :confused: What do you guys think?

    She's not the prettiest but we're hoping to harvest what we can

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  2. you obviously know when to harvest based on the trichs, so you will get what you wait for...can i ask without offending you why she looks so rough???
  3. It was our first grow, we kept the lights to far away so she stretched a lot, the one's we got going now are looking a lot better
  4. it looks like some nitrogen burn...

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you used miracle-gro or something equivalent...what happens is those don't have enough P and K, so during flower your lady eats what's there and then you're left with just nitrogen. Sometimes that's what it looks like.

    I would flush with clean water and no nutes for a week then harvest, but be aware the longer it sits the more "stoney" the smoke. If you want something more active to do your work/chores with then harvest tomorrow.

    Either way, flush her a lot to get whatever is burning your plant out of her system.

  5. We haven't used any nutes on her in about 2 months, we only ever used them once but none since then. It's a really low budget amateur setup in a closet with bad ventillation and some other problems so I'm guessing that's probably why she looks so raggedy. She's been growing for so long at this point we're just waiting for it to end ha but we also want as big a yield as possible so we're willing to wait a little while longer:smoke:
  6. cmon man. no offense but you not make a no sense a. lol. if you want a big a yield as possible she needs nutes and sugars minimum. ie. bloom nutes and molasses. Low budget is one thing and i can fully understand low budget. But you are wanting decent bud and nice yield but not willing to do anything, even feed her??? small closet, bad ventilation all the other crap maybe cant be fixed now, and frankly doesnt need to be as it seems the environment is not the issue here, but she needs nutes or she is only gonna get worse in the coming weeks nearing harvest. If you need help with the nutes and what not hit me up...:wave:
  7. flush the pot with 1/4 strength bloom nutes and 1 tbsp molasses per gallon.

    5x the size of the pot.

    3 gallon pot = 15 gallon flushing solution

    you must buy at the very minimum ph strips or liquid drops(better) to make sure that your flushing solution is ph 6.6

    i guarantee if you do this you will be thanking me in less than a week and even more in a month.

    cost of all that stuff is no more than 30 dollars...
  8. i am not telling him to flush for a final flush. I am telling him to flush the salts out of the medium and reestablish an environment condusive to yielding nutrients to the watering renute with your 1.8EC or whatever you think is right for your strain...please read thread before you post...people get confused.

  9. When you say nutes and sugars what do you mean?
  10. The cheapest way is to add a P and K booster(there are hundreds of addon booster b/c canna growers know that results are made by pumping her up in flowering.)to your basic bloom nutes and add molasses, DURING WEEKS 3 OR 4 THROUGH WEEKS 8 OR 9.

    Also, a handful of dolomite lime on top of soil, then watering will add cal/mag to the soil. Good idea to do this at beginning of grow and at beginning of flower.
  11. not tryin to steal thread but does no one have a link with a list of strains and there respective harvest times for best result?? would help a lot of us without a microscope

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