Is it time to flower?

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  1. What's happenin' GC?

    My plants have been vegging for the past 34 days, I started LSTing them a while back and I was wondering if I should switch out the lights and set the timer to the 12/12 cycle. I'm going camping this weekend so I don't think I'd switch until next monday at the earliest. I was also wondering whether or not I should give them 24 hours of dark before switching to 12/12? I see a lot of people saying to do that. I also have a question about light leakage... I'm growing in my closet and when the door is closed you can still see light coming out through the cracks (top, bottom, sides)... I assume that means that if it's dark in the closet and light outside of the closet, then there would probably be light leaking into the closet from the outside and from what I've read, this can cause hermies (which I don't want but would still finish the grow and smoke 'em!) ... so do you think that my plants will be stressed out from the light leak? I can take pictures of the door closed with lights on if that helps... if you want to see my grow from the start, click the link in my sig

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  2. I would wait another 1-2 weeks to get a bit more mass.
  3. yea, those are some fine looking ladies. if you can keep the veg going i would. just more of what you want in the end. :)

    be sure to tell them they're sexy. plants respond to good vibes - i promise

    on the light leak. can you hang a towel or two over the door to seal the cracks? similar idea for the bottom too
  4. Awesome, thanks for the replies, I don't have a problem vegging another couple weeks, I'm just getting anxious
  5. just set a date then. say like. ok regardless in two weeks you'll flower. wewt
  6. Don't get anxious. The difference in 2-3 weeks of veg time can double your yield.

    Consider your grow space, lighting, vertical restrictions, etc. and plan for your plants stature to fit comfortably in that space. I would personally veg those another 2 weeks, maybe a bit more. They look very healthy though!

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