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  1. Hi all. I posted earlier but need more help. I have two Ourple Haze and two Northern Lights. They are eight weeks into veg. They started out slow due to a temperature issue but are doing great now. Should I put them into flower now? Also they are in 3 gallon cloth pots. Is this a big enough pot for flowering?

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  2. What size is the tent floor space? What model light and actual watt draw at the wall?

    I like to finish in at least a 5 gallon. Once the plant gets some size a 3 gallon will be dry as a bone at the end of a hot day. The 5 gallon will be better able to keep the plant in optimal moisture level. My largest plant has been grown in a 7 gallon smart pot. I would recommend fabric pots over plastic by a mile. 7 gallon is my go to finishing size for a 4x4 but if I had a 3x3 I might use 5 gallon.
  3. I would give those another week or two before flip. I like to fill the space and flower as large of a plant as I can fit. You can always trim it back a little. That's how you get large yields, with large plants. Small plants don't magically give you large yields. You want to barely fit the plant in the space if you want to push to a pro level yield in there. You also need a certain minimal level of light power per square foot.
  4. Tent is 3x3. Light is a Viparspectra 600 watts. I bought the light based on reviews. I will try the 5 gallon pots. Thanks Tbone Shuffle
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  5. One of the hardest things about growing is patience. It's hard to have any patience until you have last harvests or a few from the past lined up in a cabinet so you know that you won't run out of weed. Then you have no issues vegging a plant as long as you want. You'll even get lazy and let it go too long. This can really work in your benefit. If you trim it to fit in flower then you'll have a larger root system/stem but less structure up top to support so it results in larger colas and less need to support the plants as well.

    Then once you have some nice buds developing you have to have the patience to let them finish all the way. That's difficult your first time especially if you're out of bud. =) My advise would be to plan on 10 weeks. That's what I plan on. It's pretty much about what it takes on average from flip to make mature buds. Anything less then that is gravy. You'll never be tragically overripe at 10 weeks but you will most likely get the majority of the weight and ripeness you're going to by that time. Of course this is strain dependent. I've had them go 14 weeks and I've had them 100% done at 8 from flip on the nose. That's the most rapid maturing strain I've ever seen and one that is actually done by that time is rare. Most are about 10 from flip, even indicas. The only ones that aren't are sativa leaning.
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  6. Another tip is leds don't result in as much stretch in flower as HIDs. Again this is strain dependent but I've never had a strain get even twice as tall in flower. Don't plan on it magically tripling in size in flower. That is more something that happens with a stretchy strain under a 1100 watt gavita in flower. If you're flowering under a 600w viparspectra which is about 278 watts at the wall then you'll pretty much be lucky to get a 50% increase in plant height in flower. Just take that into consideration before you flip. You can't veg the plant larger afterwards. It's commitment once you change that light cycle.

    It may double or triple in overall plant volume if you consider the weight of the flowers but it won't get 2-3 times the height, especially under led. Vipars are known to be more blue leaning and result in shorter plants but with tighter nodes.
  7. You flower when you want to flower. Remeber you can expect each plant to double in size from the time of flip. Other than that, have at it.
  8. Thanks Reserg
  9. Im no expert, but Ive done a few grows and started my first proper recorded grow officially 70 or so days ago.
    I would wait another week or 2 until the branches are pressing against the net and they behave like colas.
  10. Thanks planetgreenhouse

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