Is it Time to flower?

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  1. So I've been growing since November 16th, this is where I'm currently standing and i have topped and Fim with success. My question is how long do any of you guys think i have til flowering stage any signs that i should look for?


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  2. You can flower anytime as long as your plant is healthy and you have plenty of light. To start flowering just change your light schedule to 12 hours on 12 hours off. To me it looks like your plant is a bit starved for light and you'll need a lot more light to have decent quality bud.

    Have you had a fan on in your space? It's good to let it grow with a fan so that the plant kinda dances around. It helps the trunk and branches have a lot more strength, which you'll need if you have much in the way of bud. The bud gets pretty heavy.
  3. The only "sign" the plant will give you is staggered node growth

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  4. Yea i have two lights currently i just adjusted the way the light hang to make sure there is enough light to reach the entire plant, The top of the plant is getting real big but the lower half looks like its still growing.
  5. Your plant is tiny for having vegged this long. Before you switch to flower you need to figure out why she is growing so slowly. You cannot afford to have an issue in have an issue so dont flower

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  6. Very strange grow... But we all gotta start somewhere. I have many questions:

    1. Lights? And distance?
    2. Do you have a fan gently blowing on it?
    3. Does your pot have drainage holes?
    4. Why is the soil so low in the pot?
    5. What is up with the strings and stakes? They don't seem to have much purpose.
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  7. Most plans will show preflowers after two months or so.
  8. Rzo that comes after staggered growth generally speaking

  9. I have to lights that hang about 8 inches hanging at a different angle. I had it a small pot to start out but i think i left it in too long befor i transferred into the new pot. The soil is what it is, all i had left of original soil. i have a fan on it, it was bouncing off the walls but now its direct on the pant i had the strings set up because the fan would blow her all over the place and the strings kept it from going all over but i dont have any use for em now. The pot has drainage its at the bottom, when it overflows i have a towel to capture the over flow. I really do think what took her so long to catch up was the transfer over to the new pot because she stopped growing for 1 1/2 weeks
  10. If the bucket overflows you need aeration.

    Also you probably wind stressed your plant. If its bouncing around that much you need to lower the fan speed.

    What kind of lights are you using and what soil?

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