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Is it time for my bath yet?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TNPAuTo, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. I am really bored at the moment. I am hanging out with my friends and OH MY GOD SHES NAKED!!!!! But anyways, I was just posting a poll to spice up my day! Please feel free to say anything out of the ordinary that you want! Open discussion...

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  2. I think I need to get high. For some reason, I thought this thread was about bath time. I LOVE BATH TIME!!!!! And now I can't see the poll since I'm replying so I'm all kinds of confused. Being stoned will cure that, I'm sure! :p
  3. Lol, I'm more of a shower person myself. ;)
  4. I love to watch the University of South Carolina play football on TV. Not because they are any good, but I just love when that camera zooms in for a close-up of the USC cheerleader, and that little blonde hottie looks in the camera and says:

    "Let's go Cocks"

    "C'mon Cocks, give it to 'em"

    "Put it in for the score, Cocks!!"

  5. I know what you mean Poppa..

    She does that so well to..
  6. mmm...drum sticks...

  7. OH! I was all excited about bathtime talk too...

    my fancy shower massager shower head is off right now...the water is just pouring out the wall...odd but kind of talk about getting the suds outta the weeds on my head!

  8. i cant remember where i heard this, or exactly how it go's, but this guy made a joke about shower heads. He was like, set shower head setting off of masterbate, haha... ah man, i wish i remembered where i heard that.. i think it was on the radio or something...

    sorry, im stoned at the moment...
  9. Gives the word "shower head" a whole new meaning.

  10. off?! lol...

  11. have you ever gone into a chicks bathroom to take a shower and she forgot to take her showerhead off of.. umm.. masturbate?

    EDIT\ i heard it on the tv or something while i wasn't really paying attention.

    EDIT\\ i'm high
  12. All this talk about Masterbating Showerheads is confusing yet arousing........ I think I need another blunt before the turkey!

    Love to all


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    thats some good shit

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  14. i was eating a drumstick when i read this thread... is it fate?
  15. thanks for that image it will make my bath time much nicer

  16. You take a bath a month? Man, you must be a clean freak...twice a year for my stinkin' ass. :wave:
  17. Hey thanks dude...peeps don't seem to want to get too close to me. I kept wondering why my wife & son wore gas masks all the time...allergies my ass!!
  18. I read in the paper yesterday, some woman was divorcing her husband because he hadnt washed in a year. Apparently he is afraid of water. Now even his own children wont go near him cos he stinks so bad.
  19. Apparently luke was doing a search for sensimil and bathtime when he uncovered this thread.

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