is it time for a MILITARY start???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chicken, Sep 2, 2017.


should thier be a draft ??

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  1. no

  2. yes

  1. Why is Ross wearing a helmet?
  2. As the author of the "personal attack", I acknowledge the warning. My sarcastic wit would result in a fat lip in the real world, so I guess I gotta take my lumps here in cyberspace as well.
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  3. Take your lumps and get back in your metaphorical hole!!
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  5. STIGGY, is your new avatar an homage to one of my former incarnations?
  6. Not at all
  7. Rather than begrudge the daily task to roll the boulder uphill, I dreamed of my own set of wings held together with wax - never admitting that pride and overreach fell my hero. And so my screenplay of Sisyphus and his unrequited love for Icarus turned to dust.
  8. I work out everyday, practicing with my Mosin Nagant; I firmly believe a draft will be needed in the near future. So I just want to be prepared.
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  9. it'd allmost comical that one post suggested '' we hire people to go in there and do '' the fighting ''.... i guess he's referring to hired mercinaries ?

    we all know. theres a great possibility of a major world conflict on the saying those that are able better be ready for the possibility of a draft... if anything bigger happens that aint allready going down, just the fact of the way we are fighting this conflict should be a eye opener that our military aint as big as it needs to be.

    our navy dont have all the ships it needs to be 100% effeciant.. and believe me ... governments that dont like us. are definatlly paying attention to this.

    the world is gearing up for a MASTER RESET.... the draft is coming.
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  10. Chicken, were you around for Vietnam?

  11. i was poopin in diapers at that time,,
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  13. lol... years ago i had a massivelly big rooster. that i would let come in the house. and i would use duct tape. and paper towels and make a poop-catcher like that for him....
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  14. Why am I not surprised by that? :p
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  16. Will women get drafted too now? Diversity and all that good stuff.

    Personally I can't handle taking orders very well, particularly from government officials. I'd probably run for the hills and survive till the coast was clear.
  17. I disagree with you here. I think one of the reasons that our armies are so strong is because they are a volunteer army and not forced entry. I think when you order conscription and mandatory service it greatly reduces the effectiveness of our armed forces.
    Now if another massive conflict were to break out then yes, we gotta do what we gotta do. But that is much different than what we have now, even if something happens in north korea.
  18. If North Korean does do anything stupid ie: attack Guam
    President trump should unleash Fire and Hell and have nothing left that a large Military force would be needed.
    But if we do that think of all the mouths to feed and land to be restructured .
    No win on this one.
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  19. agree, after years and years of inaction we are now entering a no-win scenario right now, no doubt about it. Not much good can come from this situation any way you look at it. We already know they were helping assad build a nuclear reactor, who would they help next? Its not even so much about them bombing us, its about the people they are/could be sharing the technology with as well.
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