is it time for a MILITARY start???

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should thier be a draft ??

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  1. no

  2. yes

  1. I disagree and I wouldn't get drafted for 2 reasons. 1 my health issues and 2 I don't live in your country. I'm pretty sure there are lots of other people that disagree with you who don't qualify...
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    That's presumptuous of you. I was drafted in 1969.
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  3. I disagree, and I'm way too old to be drafted. Also have no kids..

    It's just a stupid idea.

    You think we have mass protests and riots now? Try implementing the draft and see what happens.

    I say any congressman who votes for a war should have to enlist their fighting age children.
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  4. Why wouldn't soldiers do multiple tours? I imagine soldiers experienced with the area are a valuable asset there.

    If there's a shortage of soldiers willing to go overseas, maybe shift policy about who is eligible for such duty. I'd prefer asking more of soldiers who signed up willingly rather than drafting unwilling randoms.
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  5. The military learned a hard lesson in Vietnam that they needed a professional military if they wanted to fight unnecessary and unpopular wars. During the last days of Vietnam, there were outright mutinies.
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  6. And I presume that the volunteers must come with their original equipment.
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  7. The only time the draft should be opened up is if those mother fuckers invade us I'd pull out the old Tommy gun under the bed and sighn up with a 50 round drum clip my friend no questions asked.
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  8. LOL you can barley get people to get jobs, good luck drafting them. The moon shine must be clear today.
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    I think women should have to register for the draft also
    Especially the pretty ANTIFA Ones

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    Not going to happen^ there will never be a draft again anyways.
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  11. @chicken Great OP!!!

    Draft everyone of those snowflakes, KKK types, liberals, conservatives, republicans, democrats, etc etc immediately.

    I'd parachute them into Afghanistan. Give them an ak and a map and off with them. Basic training will kick in and they'll figure it out.

    The US has been unable to win a war since 1945. You've become soft, weak and reliant on technology. Guerilla warfare is what is required nowadays. There is an abundance of cannon fodder to be harvested in the US.

    It's going to be ugly but you'll get to have a ticket tape parade in New York City.
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  13. Dam That is one of my relatives
    Popcorn Sutton - Uncle Pops to family
    he did love to dance
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  14. Unless they were edited, I only saw one "personal attack" on the OP, perhaps you should have directed that comment towards the one person rather than everybody that posted?
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  15. I am not even close to being of draft age, would not have beem drafted or allowed to enlist due to medical issues, and I do not believe in the draft. I support the military, but believe we should hire highly skilled people and pay them accordingly.
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  16. That the problem. How many skills does your average enlistee have when the average enlistee's age is around 21? The military trains recruits in specialties and teaches them all they need to know.
  17. That is probably true, but the draft is different, many if not most of them do not want to be there.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. College Lieutenants would get left in the jungle if they were incompetent.
  20. And sumtimes even Captains...
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