Is it Time??? A Moving Speech by a ex-soldier

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Soldiers Ready for the Revolution Against Government Tyranny[/ame]

    very moving, and very true. Our true enemy doesnt lie in some far off land, but within the corruption that is seeping in our government..

    Time for another movement? All great change in our country comes from revolution. This is a nation of renegades, rebels, freedom fighters, patriots, revolutionaries, free thinkers, and informed citizens..

    I do agree with him, I do have hope in our people, tides are turning, and the enemy is pushing harder than it ever has, cuz it feels the stranglehold on america and the world is slipping away, and we shall no longer be slaves to corporate imperialism and shadow governments who are not elected, and are never known.
  2. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.”
    Thomas Jefferson.
  3. I always thought that was a pretty ignorant thing for someone who never fought in a war to say.

  4. Thomas Jefferson risked his neck as much as any front line patriot fighting in the battle did

    He signed the declaration of independence, surely the greatest way to sign your death warrant

    he was an arcitect of our past ideals and agendas as a country..

    surely, he did not give his blood, but he gave his life and dedicated his every breath for the idea of freedom that can exsist for country, and the liberty the common man has..
  5. The man had some good philosophy, but c'mon, he was just as racist and ignorant as most 18th century white-males.

    Thomas Jefferson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  6. To say that they were racists can inflict damage on their character, but definitey it does not cast a negative pall on all he accomplished..more than many men have done in such a short period of time



    you guys are crazy.
  8. fight the power!
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    Its been time, after 911, not enough were awake, after the false wmd claims, nobody protested, after abu graib, we said torture was 'ok', they have already built the control grid under the guise of terroism, if you havent woken up now, then its probably too late, because this is a must be scenario, you know what Im talking about.
  10. So I ask you now.... Can we over come this by means of Peace?

    Or will the Revolution be Bloody?

    One things for sure... "The Revolution will Not be Televised, The Revolution; there will be No reruns Brotha, The Revolution.. Will Be LIVE."
    *cue 'puffin in the clouds' beat ;)

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