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  1. is it normal for one plant to be orange and the other to be red and they are of the same plant the camera i got sucks not sho-n up the right look to tell but two has bright orange hairs and the other two is growing dark red hairs

    any one know of this.........*_*
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    If you're talking about the hairs, it's no big deal. That type of color change will vary from plant to plant and also depend on environment/care.

    When it comes to harvesting or determining the ripeness of your buds, do not rely on the color of those hairs (aka Pistils). Those hairs can dry up/turn orange at any time for any reason, really. They will, definitely, die off more rapidly and in greater numbers as the plant matures, but it doesn't really determine how ripe the buds are. Check the trichomes for that. When about 50% of the trichomes (the tiny crystals on the buds) turn orange, your buds are ready.

    Check some of the stickies in this "Harvesting" section for some more, incredibly valuable information.

    Sorry to ramble, but it's good info to know :)
  3. rite on right on:D

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