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Is it the first BOWL or TIME that doesnt get you high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kesseler, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Okay so I'm gonna smoke with this girl, and it's her first time. My first time smoking, i only had a bowl and didnt get too high. So is it the first BOWL that doesnt get you high, or just your first time over all
  2. i got high my first time:)
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    I heard it's either. Oh well hopefully we can smoke her up enough :smoke: :smoke:
  4. In my experiences its first time, because the first I did smoke, I did in fact inhale, a few hits actually and never felt it. However, its gonna creep up on her anyways, so wait it out a good 15min if your gonna smoke again.
  5. Definitely varies from person to person

    I got a buddy of mine high for the first time, we gave him 2 fatass G-bong rips and he could barely stand :p

    but, my first time, i did the same thing, and couldn't stand not being high :p

    Just try it, if she doesn't get high, invite her back for more.
  6. I got high my first time.
    I think its psychological. You think you wont get high your first time, so you don't.

    when you think about weed and thc and what gets you high it doesn't really make scientific sense that you wouldn't get high your first time.
  7. Honestly I don't see why anyone would not get high unless they don't know how to properly if she doesn't, she'll probably just get a little buzz..if not anything lol, maybe a teeny head ache.

    Luckily for me I was smoking stoges before I smoked for my first time so when that time came, I was walking around the neighborhood almost getting lost :eek:
  8. You wont know till you try :smoke:
  9. i got ridiculously high the first time!!
  10. Make sure she inhales properly. That is almost ALWAYS why people don't get high their first time. There seems to be the myth that it is not possible to get high your first time, which is entirely false.
  11. i got stupid high my first time.... it was like 3 hits off a blunt... :smoke:
  12. i got completely blazed my first time, and i just had a friend over last night ( his first time ) he thought i was god........of course that in it self if along story lol
  13. I didn't get high the first 3 times, but maybe I was doing it wrong.

    I remember the first time I took a real huge I was trippin balllls. And we used a little spoon.
  14. you just said the same thing!? your first bowl would be your first time smoking... unless your smoking a j but use some common sense, your still smoking! for most people they dont get high the first time they smoke but some do. just smoke a lot of weed she'll get high
  15. I think the reason people don't always get high their first time is because they might be nervous about it and mess up, or just not know how to do it right. Because I don't see how one can take a few huge rips their first time and feel nothing.
  16. bingo
  17. hahahahahahahah :confused:

    You might of been smoking regs, you didn't inhale it correctly or didn't have enough weed to get blazed. Either that you might not have been smoking weed at all! Since it was your first time I'm assuming you don't know 100% what weed smells, looks like. If I'm wrong correct me :eek:

  18. Neither. If she inhales properly she will get high, simple as that:smoke:
  19. It all depends from person to person, it has nothing to do with weight, age or anything like that. The first time i smoked i got rEEEEEEEAlly high, never been so high to this day :D

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