is it the brown slime or my nutes???

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  1. Ok so I have Ph issues. Just wont stay down. I'm using canna with reverse osmosis water supplemeted with calimagic. I Ph adjust with earth juice which uses potassium bicarbonate as a natural up. I have heard potassium bicarbonate is an ok Ph adjuster but as a buffer; dog sh!t. So I wanted to try using potassium carbonate to make a buffer, seeing as canna wasnt designed with ro water, thus its buffers needed a harder water. But then I noticed I have a problem with the dreaded brown slime. So whats cauzing my Ph issues, my canna or the brown slime?
  2. from what I gather your problem with the slime is supposidly a build up of algae and its suppose to happen if light is getting into your nutrient system, people are using hydro peroxide in wit there water and nutes which kills it,, from what I gather this slime may cause fungi and root rots, its recomended you get that h202 and then try and make for light proof roots or nutrient storage,, I dont know if the slime is directly harmful but it can be if left untreated
  3. Brown slime is not algae its a cyanobacteria that does not respond much to hydrogen peroxide. I dropped the rhizo and the cannazyme because I felt this was just feeding the bad bacteria as well as my bennies. I just want to know if its my nutes or the slime causing the massive swings before I go spend my money on either physan 20 or an ewc tea or if I could fix it with potassium carbonate to buffer. In essence what im asking is what came first, the brown slime or the or the Ph issues. Im leaning towards the brown slime as my unstable Ph cause. Can anyone with brown slime/ewc tea experience have anything to say on this matter?
  4. this cyanobacteria from what I read is a type or form of Algae, not a true algae more of a subspecies but whatever it is the general trait it shares with all other true forms of algae is the fact its a photosynthesizing structure comprising of often only a singular cell, where as if you keep light away from these things they wont grow, id imagine if everything to start with was ph'd then if its a drastic swing id say it probly is to do more with the slime
  5. That was my bet. And yes i'm pretty sure that when I first took my seedlings into the top feed drip, I let the nutrient solution set and stabilize overnight in a 5 gal container that I didn't exactly try too hard to keep out of the light (it was night time I didn't think my house lights would allow that much growth. So I assume that's where it got a footing. however, according to Heisenberg on rollitup the green slime is anaerobic and can even sometimes without light leaks. These damn Wilma systems suck o in light leaks. Im going to try an ewc tea and see if that fixes my algae and Ph problems
  6. it might have already been in the soil before you put your water and nutes through,I dont think its Critical other than throwing off your ph which can be solved with "up or down" solutions
  7. Ok so first off im in hydro, not soil. It very might well have come from the propagation cubes I used. And please allow me to tell you why it is in fact critical : my plants are DYING. Also, if you noticed, I mentioned Ph buffers. Up/ down does nothing at all but keep the Ph at a level for 15 minutes until it spikes again. I reiterate my question: is my rising Ph a result of brown slime activity or because I lack a proper buffer in my mixture?
  8. yeah man then I dont know,, im hydro aswell but never had experienced with brown slime, I just keep my water stored in a dark container and use a fresh supply every few days or so, add my nutes in recommended doses and everything stays in balance, but good luck wit it
  9. Do you use tap or ro? And what nutes you run? Im currently hand watering my girls so theyre not getting that nasty res water so Im about to run bleach through the system and clean that shit out I'll still have to find a way to get it out of the root ball
  10. I use tap water which comes out my tap at 6.1ph,, I then fill a few gallon container with a lid and leave it in my storage cupboard for when I use it, I always make sure its had a day of sitting there before I use it, I might get a little airstone to sit in it, then I just mix that with organic nutes and the p.h dont shift much, i use castings through the coco which has alot of good stuff in it and some rich humus I dont worry about cal/mag too much, theres that in the biobizz and the castings are great I cant say enough good things about them, yeah man the waters crucial if its not clean or too high or low to many ppm, im just lucky where I stay the waters not a issue,, good luck!
  11. Figured out my Ph issue. Turns out using earth juice Ph adjusters is not what you want to do for top feed drip systems. Moving to AN Ph up/down then I'll do the regular troubleshooting to get rid of the very slight algae. Oh yeah after cutting rhizo and the cannazyme and running base nutes the amount of crap collecting on the sides of reservoir has gone way down. Thanks for being the only one sticking through this with me. +rep when I get to a computer

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