Is it terrible that I...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lancejrjr, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. ... am so blazed/burnt/fried that I can't hold myself together in public that I had to reject my parent's invitation to have dinner with them after 2 months? 
    There's something in THC that always makes me say "fuck it, I am gonna just sit here..."

  2. its not terrible, far from it. is it a sign that you need to get your shit together? yeah id say so. 
  3. Beats faking a smile and living a false reality, sitting there doing nothing is far more productive than living life through some mtv conduit, bitches money swaqq 420 blzit
  4. lol i mean, i wouldnt want to be around my parents if i was high as shit. but being high in public in general isnt a big deal. just act normal man.
  5. I feel the only time that i get so idgaf about life when im stoned is about s pending money on munchies. im like"sjit i should save these last 5 bucks, but those chips are winkingat me all sexy and shit, oh shit oshit this arizona wants it.
  6. At least you know your limit for social interaction lol.
  7. Hey broski I know what your talking about, but why not appreciate the fact that you just enjoyed smoking your buds and now stoned, excited to hop in the shower, happy you get to see your parents" face and be able to eat together, im going to assume your an adult because the dinner sounded like it was a planned event, they are getting old, wanted to see u, and probably wondered why you cancelled, now the day they waited excitedly for 2 months went to shit, and why because of your lazy paranoid pot smoking ass. I get paranoid and insecure when im high but I headbutt shit that does not appeal to me and walk out the other end surprised I had a decent time
  8. definitely go brah, dinner with parents usually = free food

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