is it supposed to be used like this?

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  1. .......................... wow

    i really dont know what to say. if i found her doing that to my bong i woulda bust a cap in her vag (yes a sex pun)
  2. haha wouldnt it suck if you like invited your friends over for a sesh and someone was like damn dude. this thing smells fishy....
  3. thats seems risky, being soft glass and all.:smoke:
  4. seriously. I wouldnt be sticking thin chinese glass up there
  5. my reaction to this thread :confused::confused::confused::confused: :rolleyes::smoking:
  6. I wasn't expecting that....funny shit! She doesn't look too comfortable...
  7. i have seen this video and my friend actually did this with an acrylic bong...

    this thread is obscene. and just plain wrong... lol
  8. HAHA! epic win. also, ibc
  9. damn... idk what to say

    in before the treads deleted though
  10. wtf???????????????

    if my full sized bong can fit in a girl then i dont want it haha

    but i have used a glass spoon on my girl as a toy before tho haha
  11. damn!! lol never seen it hit like id like to be the tube..:smoke:
  12. this is a virus just so you guys know,fucked up my computer,,peace LEAR

  13. i will never look at my bong the same way...although in that pic i guess it would be called a vong...
  14. i cant believe she swallowed it whole

  15. sorry to be off topic but how do you have purple rep?
  16. The thing you don't know is that's a 36'' tripple perced:cry:
  17. lol reminds me of jar squatter
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