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Is it stupid to text your dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrhightimes1991, May 3, 2011.

  1. I always text my dealer about when I'm gonna be coming over but lately I've been getting paranoid about undercover cops and shit like that I mean do they monitor text messages and how do I know if my dealer's getting busted and is setting me up? I live in FL one of thee worst states when it comes to laws I think
  2. Unless you're picking up weight, I doubt cops are going to take the time to track text messages to bust somebody buying a small amount for personal use.
  3. Just call. It might be a bit awkward if you don't know your dealer too well but it doesn't matter. It's all business.
  4. texts are stupid but if your buying an eigth or less dont worry about it the cops have bigger fish to fry. if your buying ounces id say call from restricted number *67 or somthing like dial that before the number and it will block your name.. if the cops are really hot on ur dealer and they wanna make a quik bust they can arrest you right after u buy the ounce and say ok either a year in jail or you tell us who you got it from.. then youl probably rat your dealer out to save your own ass, then hel go to reup and they will arrest him and make him rat on his whole saler and they will just goo alll the way up the chain using rats to find the grower. sad but possible.
  5. i dont think its stupid to text, some people will argue differently, its safer than calling cause if they are monitoring you is it really better for them to have a recording of your voice than a text? You could easily say someone else had/used your phone etc.

    If your dealer gets busted they wont be using him to setup buyers, they'd use him to setup his supplier, now they could try to bust you for contacting him but you'd have to show up and try to buy weed from whoever the undercover cop was that would be trying to take the dealers place and that'd be the major tip off, they wouldn't actually let your dealer go out to sell you a couple grams or a half or something just to bust you
  6. texting is fine, but i like to call just because texting takes longer than i'd like to wait.
  7. Most dealers prefer texts unless you're close with them. They don't want some kid blowing up their phone with a phonecall when they are busy.
  8. If they were already tracking the dealers calls and texts, I don't think they'll need you to tell them who you got it from!

  9. for their prosecution to work in court they do. it justifies their surveilance and allows them to have someone testify and say yeah i bought weed off him bla bla bla and then they would play all the recordings for the jury or what have you
  10. i double posted for a second woops.
    i think it makes sence for them to have you write a statement against your dealer to help their prosecution
  11. Personally I prefer to get txts because getting calls all day about weed gets annoying fast. Plus most of the time I'm not in a situation where i can pick up the phone and talk about bags. You should txt.
  12. if they have access to incoming/outgoing messages on your dealers phone their gonna use it to bust his dealer. unless you're getting a bar or somethin ;)
  13. Police departments nowadays have pretty restricted resources. The way these things work (unless youre buying large amounts and its worth there while to track you) is that they go along there regular routine and come across marijuana from day to day, more common than you think. So if there chances to come across marijuana on any given day is lets say, 25%, why would they waste resources to to monitor texts and phone calls when they KNOW they will come across marijuana regularly, and then its a matter of getting the small fish to turn over on the bigger fish, etc...

    So yea, unless youre buying a felonies worth (50 grams in NJ) I would say your biggest chance of getting busted is your own human error. :smoke:
  14. I generally text, but then again, I don't tend to make calls very often. Just avoid the really sketchy phrases or being blatantly stupid. If you fear someone's gonna look through your phone, wipe the text messages before handing it to them/leaving it on the couch for all the see.
  15. It is not stupid to text your dealer. It is, however, unwise to text (or otherwise record) specific details about the time, location, amount and cost of an illegal drug purchase. Texts like, "Do you have any weed?" or "Can I come by to buy pot from you?" are unnecessarily frank but aren't very helpful to law enforcement... who won't even be aware of the texts anyway unless someone is already in their custody . I generally go with, "Can I swing by?" or "Can you come over?" and let them lead the way from there.

    The only real risk in text messaging about weed purchases is a lost, stolen or confiscated phone falling into the hands of the police with specific enough information to track down live purchases, stash houses or dealers.
  16. Haha, which reminds me of a time when the police confiscated my phone illegally. Im walking home from work, and two police cars pull up. These 2 cops know me, they jump out hands on guns and say, "dont move a muscle". They come up, ask me where Im going. I say that Im just walking home from work when they say theres been a robbery in the area (Im thinking complete BS) and they ask me if I could prove where I had been. I pull out my phone and tell them to call my work number, at which point the officer snatches my phone and heads to his police car and sits in there for a few minutes looking through my phone. This is back when I was selling, but there wasnt anything too bad on my phone b/c thankfully people have the common sense to use code like "are you good?" "where you at?" etc... instead of "Hey could I buy some weed off you"... that shit pisses me off
  17. #17 Cubic Cuban, May 3, 2011
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    No. I usually text my dealers something like "You good?" or "Status for distribution, Conrad?" IDK, I like to text my dealers weird allegorical shit, but I'll never text saying 'weed' or 'pot', maybe bud but def not weed or pot... That's just sketch for both the dealer and you, if someone gets a peek at your phone or if a police looks through their texts. Just keep it on the DL, don't say "hey can i buy..." if you're gonna say that just call them.

    The only time I'll call them is if they are taking too much time to respond to my text, then they'll tell me what's up. I usually don't like calling people but texing can take too long and calling them can verify location, how much and not have a record of the convo... I'm never sketched about cops unless i see one during the transaction then I'll start to worry, but damn stoners are just so fucking paranoid all the time. I know it's illegal and shit but you guys need to learn to chill, ironically.
  18. I always call my dealer :) if you think your phones bugged dial *#06# and if a - sign is at the end of the numbers it means the gards have tapped your phone and can listen into your calls ( only works in ireland i think)

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