Is it straight to blow addies?

Discussion in 'General' started by ThaChronic6, May 7, 2008.

  1. so im jus comin off a week long ritalin binge i blew 90 of them in a week and i loved every bit of it but i was wondering if adderall is okay to blow b/c when i eat them i dont feel the effect im looking for. is blowing addies the anything like blowing rits?
  2. Is it just me or did only make half sense? Are you asking if Adderall is the same as Ritalin (Bet I spelled both wrong), or if Adderall has the same "binge" effect as Ritalin, OR if its "okay" to binge Adderall like Ritalin?

    In an attempt to answer all three.
    I believe Adderall and Ritalin has the same basic, minute function - amphetamine, but they are different prescription drugs after all.
    Heh, I can't answer the second because I want to say yes and no.
    Technically is isn't good to binge on pills or anything for that matter

    Lastly, from experience, I would advise not to do this, at least "binging." I was into the whole pills thing for a little more than a year. It wasn't anything "serious," but it was a problem (Probably between six and twelve pills a day). Theres so much more to life than just letting it fly by, or to poke fun at pot... Watch life crawl by ;D. Plus - livers don't grow on trees.
  3. Snorting addys will get your mind moving 500 miles an hour. You should rlly chill on that much speed in 1 week, your heart and liver are going to die.
  4. it wasnt like a hardcore binge i just went through 90 of them like nothin usually like 30mg before school and 30 after then alot mor on the weekends. im out of em now but i have addies and i was debating on blowing them or not, and its not like i do them and just sit around like a burnout either, i carry on my usual routine but just with a nice ritalin high rushin through me :p
  5. you can but its hella bad for your nose and brain
  6. I understand where your coming from, which is why I tried to relate through my experience. I'm not suggesting that either of us are right or wrong because I'm pro-choice, but I am putting it out there, as I'm sure you knew, that it isn't exactly healthy:). Thats all haha.
  7. My friend used to snort her scripted addy every day.. then one day the blew her nose and a large chunk came out followed by a shit ton of blood. She COMPLETELY fucked up her entire nose... FOR LIFE.
  8. yeah i tried blowin a 10mg and it tore my nose uppp bad

    haa yeah mann i feel you. i know its not good but daamn i love it, jus tryin to live it up while i can. you're straight as shitt btw +rep bro
  9. yeah im stayin away from the addies, the ritalin didnt tear my nose up that bad at all cuz i did it in small portions

  10. Your missing the point. Prolonged snorting will result in permanent nose damage. It's your choice man, I know I wouldn't want to go the rest of my life without ever being able to smell the aroma of cannabis. :smoke:

  11. What type of adderall do you have? The type with the little balls, or the dextroamphetamine pills?

    You can crush them up and sniff them but its pretty stupid, just eat them up and you will get the high you want, take a little higher dose if needed.

    Also, ritalin and adderall are not the same drug for the poster who said that, ritalin is methylphenidate and adderall are a mixture of amphetamine salts. Adderall is stronger than ritalin so if you eat some you should be fine.
  12. Take the adderall, crush it up like you are about to blow it, but instead insufflating it into your nose put the powder into a small piece of paper towl, close it up, and swallow it. It will release the fast and intense.

  13. haha you act like snorting one pill is better for you than another.

    just because you cant feel it doesnt mean its not caustic as hell.
  14. i dont think its even possible to be on a speed binge and "just sit around like a burnout".. of course your gonna get up n do somethin on speed, its not like your on downers where your floored

    and yes you can blow adderall, in my opinion ritalin is garbage, adderall is better to blow, n not any worse for you than blowin ritalin
  15. Snorting ANYTHING is nothing short of FUCKING RETARDED! Regardless of the amount. The nose is not meant to be an entryway for anything that isn't air or PRESCRIBED nasal medications. You WILL fuck up your shit for life. I'm not so sure when you're 30, 40, or 50 you'll want your shit fucked up all because of some stupid shit you did when you were a kid. Shit, why do I even waste my time, it's not my nose.

    Actually...keep it up. Enjoy your brain falling out of your nose. Now get back to your homework.
  16. Thanks. Avoiding my modesty, I try and tell it how it is, at least how I think it is, even in the face of opposition. People want the truth, but when they hear it they get upset or mad! It blows me away considering over the past year I'm starting to realize how stupid this world can be, such as lying to themselves. Haha... Ranting.

    I feel like I'm still coming off wrong through all this, and that not my intention, but its like FUCK! Ignorance is NOT bliss.
  17. Ooh okay and i suppose your lungs are meant to inhale the ashes of burning plants? I didn't ask for your god damn opionion on the subject so its better that you keep shut

    And that really pissed me off. Seriously grow up.
  18. To many addies is just like ice, they are both Amphetamines, the only difference in the two is the potency and how they are made. I have done enough cocaine in my life to know to stay away from any amphetamine based products, but on the other hand I have a friend who is tweaked on addies 24/7 and he swears by it. He is a overweight and can afford to miss meals anyhow, I on the other hand just stick to the dank.

  19. you can yeah, its super duper!
  20. True, the lungs aren't meant to inhale smoke of the cannabis plant. But at the same time it hasn't been proven that it causes any long-term irreparable damage either. Such as snorting various pharmaceuticals does

    Tellin me to grow up? I'm not the one taking drugs that weren't prescribed for me up my nose but's all good. If that's a risk that you wanna take, To each their own

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