Is it still illegal?

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  1. It's illegal to possess and to sell/buy weed. The laws don't say anything about being stoned itself. So, are you breaking the law when you smoke your friend's weed with that friend? You're not "possessing" the weed and you're not buying/selling it.
  2. In the eyes of the law you are possessing it.
  3. yeah your better off not getting cought
  4. I was thinking about this the other day. I thought this:

    Say If I bought weed (illegal) and then smoked it all and cleaned it up then just stayed at my home and the cops came and I was high in my house not drivin,not high in public or anything just at my house. Would that be illegal (besides the buying part)??
  5. Well I know here in the UK that if you are stoned but havn't got any on you (Smoked it all) then the police can't do squat. But around here where I live the police don't mind people smoking in public as long as you're not causing any problems.

    I've even spoken to a couple policemen myself and they admitted they'd rather walk into a room full of stoners and just leave it rather than a room full of drunk people throwing cans around. The police have it easy here as quite a lot of people smoke in these parts. :hello:

  6. If you dont mind me asking where do you live??
  7. ok heres a little list

    intent to sell an illegal substance
    (and even if you arent holdin, your a accessory to your mate if he is)

    there's four things i didn't even need to use my mind for.

  8. In a small town on the West Coast of Wales. ;)

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