is it still alive

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  1. I planted the germinated seed monday and it popped through in a day and has stayed like this since tues. Its friday morning here. I had it two to three inches away from my 150 watt agro bulb. It gives off some heat. So i lowered it so its now about 8 to 10 inches away.

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  2. I'd back that light off too about 16 inches and keep a fan on it. Add some humidity. If need be spray the soil at the base of the stem and put clear plastic over it. Put a hole on each side right by the rim. That's just my thoughts.
  3. This although no fans on seedlings, it will dry them out and there not strong enough yet, you can ventilate the airflow with an oscolating fan but not directly  blowing on the plants, the soil looks dry in that pick it's kinda hard to tell, if so water a little, it looks fine.
  4. I dont know if i fried it or if i should put it back that close. The bulb is warm. Puts out 150 . I have started another seed in 90% light warrior and 10% happy frog since light warrior has more perlite. That one is on a germination mat since yesterday. It germinated in a day between wet paper towels. I had it sitting on the top of my box. I bought a small fan to cool my bulb and get the warm air circulationg around. Mabey then i wont need a heater in the closet. I am stuck on the humidity. Some places say the 30-40% im getting is good all the way through. Others say noooo,60% is what you want. So how can i do this. The box is big enough for one plant. Im getting a co2 generator in a few weeks. If i put a humidifier in the closet i risk mold on the walls. Thecontainer with water sucks. I had one that was as big as the f loor and i put distilled water i. It and watched it go to 40% and stay. I dont want a huge grow i just want one plant. Until i get enough money again to buy the tent i was going to in the first place, i have to deal with this. 800 dollars later and i had to fix the box. I was pissed when i had it delivered. I learned the hard way. So i need to know if the little bugger is dead. If anyone can tell me.
  5. Doesn't look dead, raise your light.
  6. Wet sponge on a plate. That will bring up humidity in a little box.

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