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  1. We've all seen it, we've all done it.

    That's right, I am talking about the reasons for legalization. But I approach it this time from a different angle. What I want to know is two things:

    1) Do you smoke weed solely to get high?


    2) Regardless of your answer to the first question, do you believe that getting high is reason enough for legalization?

    I ask this because with many stoners I know, whether it be from GC or in my own life, seem to feel the need to rationalize their use. I'll hear that people want it legalized for economic reasons, health reasons, etc., but never have I heard even once that somebody wants weed legalized for the sole purpose of it' very obvious recreational effects.

    I personally think that weed's recreational effects are reason enough to legalize. Why? Because when did it become so goddamn wrong to seek happiness and content? It's almost like it's incriminating to some. I say embrace this reason. Let it be heard that we want to get high without big daddy government taking a massive shit on our liberties.

    Life should be about enjoying the time we have here, and we should all be entitled to enjoy this life how we see fit without reason.:devious:

    Anywho, discuss. :bongin:
  2. bugs me the ammount of recreational users who use the medical argument for legalisation. It fucks the argument up, make pot heads look dumb and its totally pointless. There are shit loads of legal prescription drugs that get you high and are illiagal to use recreationally so I just dont get it.

    And also just browsing the forums on here the medical states in the US are a joke, just full of system abusers that can only, eventually, result in a u-turn of the law. Also a strong argument for other countries governments to pass off MMJ as farcical :(
  3. 1. I smoke weed to get high and to clear my anxiety filled head.
    2. yeah it should be legalized. Would probably lower the amount of alcoholics in the country.

  4. That's the kind of shit I'm talking about. It's tacked on as a justification. I very highly doubt this "anxiety" is much more than you wanting more weed when you have none. Is it so hard to just say "Hey! I like getting high and if you don't like it well fuck you!!!"?
  5. The only justification that is needed is am supposedly free and I choose not to drink, my preference is weed and there is no study medical or otherwise that can ever come to the conclusion that it is dangerous..It never should of been prohibited in the first place and the cost on our nation to appease the ignorant and the corrupt and those that make there livings off the drug war is excessive and the time has come to legalize it...we live in a nation with a larger prison population than China and Russia combined...Welcome to the land of the free..what a joke!
  6. Once again: This isn't about the reasons it should be legalized, it's about whether or not the recreational effects should be reason enough.

    1) Disregard all real medicinal benefits
    2) Disregard economic benefits

    I mean if your reasoning is 100% personal enjoyment, is that enough?
  7. Well it will never be accepted as a medical drug, the federal government will constantly fight against this...Big pharmaceuticals are 100 percent against it, they cant control it, they cant control the supply therefore as a pure medicinal it will always be fought against by the the only possible way to go is pure enjoyment..we shall see how that works.

    did you happen to see the letter from the senator to the blade who wrote to ask for his support for medical marijuana? he stated that he thought mmj was not proven medically and dangerous and in the next sentence he stated that there were THC pills available??? so what was he really against weed? or the fact that his big pharmaceutical buddy's weren't getting there share of the market like they would if they made weed illegal yet allowed medicinal THC pills?
  8. Whilst it would be nice to think goverments will legalise because we are free, if it ever gets legalised it will be due to cost cutting to help the crumbling ecconomy and to alliviate pressure in our over stretched judicinal and penal system. And it wont be legalised, it will be decriminalised, yeah there is potential tax dollar in weed but there is also massive loss in votes :( cos unfortunatly the majority still think weed is evil :) lol.....

    But yeah, ontopic... weed rocks! legalise... I want to see it legal because I LOVE TO GET HIGH! :)
  9. Weed shouldn't be legal because it's medicine, weed should be legal because we're adults and free to make our own decisions, regardless of whether one agrees with those decisions or not.
  10. This is how I look at it. As long as you don't hurt others or the environment, what is wrong with it? I don't go around telling others they shouldn't eat fast food everyday just because I don't. Personally I think EVERY drug should be decriminalized, and all should be legal to sell but make it so you need to be a true chemist with a license to make the drugs.

    If we teach kids responsibility over "do not do this" (like I was, at least with alcohol :p, weed was do not do this and I did haha, but I don't drink...soo proves my point MAYBE?)
    The problem is that we lie to kids, I know if I ever have kids...the day my kid graduates from high school I'm introducing to the world of responsible drug use :p
    What parent wants to see their kids do drugs? None. But they will, and we all know it. Might as well educate them on it like we do with sex yeah?

    Sherak is 100% right too, bugs the shit out of me. I use it for the medical purposes of sleeping and minor pains...but that's not why I tell people it should be legal
  11. I've used the economic argument and the medicinal argument, but bottom line for me, I smoke/vape to get high. That's all there really is. I want to be able to do what I want to do when it's appropriate to do it. I understand the implications of being "drunk" or "stoned" at work, but people do that on their own. Once legal, all those rules/laws can be amended to promote responsibility amongst the "recreational users".
  12. First of all, shouldn't this go in the legalization section?

    To answer your question, I think the recreational benefits are enough. Alcohol has some "medical benefits" like drinking wine is good for you. Tobacco does absolutely nothing good for you other than placate your oral fixation and/or give you a buzz or feed your nicotine addiction.

    Basically you can't answer the question about whether or not recreational use is enough to justify legalization unless you compare it to something else that is legal and its effects on the human body.

    In my opinion it is a gross hypocrisy to allow the sale of tobacco and alcohol, regulated or not, and punish people who are caught with weed. That is the bottom line. And when I say hypocrisy I mean we allow the sale of goods that are more damaging to your body than weed and are not classified at the same ridiculous level as weed is, a Schedule 1 Narcotic.

  13. I wish I read this before posting just now. I think every drug should be decriminalized as well. It would reduce a lot of ridiculous violence (because people wouldn't have to go to great lengths to get it). As long someone is shooting up on heroin at their house and only fucking their own life up then I don't care. Of course if they are an unfit parent then that would lead to a burden on society to care of their children.

    But if some homeless guy (he's already homeless mind you) wants to shoot up or snort some coke, by all means let him do what makes him happy. Now if he goes on a crazy binge after snorting some PCP, well, yeah you're kinda fucking things up for everyone else.

    In other words, if taking said drugs ONLY effects you and ONLY you, by all means, do what makes you happy.
  14. I like to get high just cause it makes life tolerable and it just makes me feel better, I don't know if you would consider that as rationalizing.. I mean I like getting high cause it feels good man.jpg but also cause it enhances life, all the dull boring crap we have to do is awesome, I like to walk my dog when I'm high cause we go on long walks, I get to enjoy my music, and the scenery is so much nicer, Also I always think to myself all the people driving by me must think I look dumb as fuck with the grin on my face which causes me to laugh even more and look even more dumb lol.
  15. [ame=]Mystery Jets - Hand Me Down - YouTube[/ame]

    Haha naw really It helps me relax ALOT. My brain is runnin 90 miles a min if I dont burn, anxietys a bitch, Sometimes a suppper badasss sativa can make me Short storyy long, I feel guilty and like a druggie sometimes.:( Buut im far from it i just love weeed. Shmokin to releive stress, nerves, and shit is waay bettter than the bottle of pure insanity Useda be rx'd for it...shittt
  16. lol like we're going to say we shouldn't be aloud to smoke for fun
  17. 1) No.
    2) Yes. As long as damaging things like alcohol and nicotine are not denied to adults in our society, based solely on recreational use, than cannabis, which has amble scientific evidence to validate its benign nature, should also be granted the same legal status.

  18. 1) no, but i do love being high. the high is just icing on the cake for me.

    2) no, not locking up innocent people who did nothing but posses plant matter is the reason we should legalize it.
  19. 1) Being high is a majority of why I smoke, but I do have legit medical reasons as well. The herb had allowed me to expand my mind and figure out what to do with my life, and it helped me get motivated to work towards my Ph.D. I don't smoke as much nowadays, just enough to keep me slightly medicated, but I do love getting baked when I get shit done and have nothing else to do.

    2) Yes, it's a fucking plant! We completely ban a natural plant because it makes people happy? Fuck our gov't.

  20. /thread

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