is it snowing where your located?

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  1. located in MD and its snowing pretty hard. tried my luck and went to the gym real early, it was nasty on way back but i made it in one piece. just slide into the curb at the gyms parking lot :hello:  
    im on winterbreak right now and am so bored. cant go to any friend's houses or go any where. wish i had thrown on my winter tires on wrx before hand.... 
    i have a j i rolled up a few days ago to save for the drive back to school but i might just have to burn it in a few moments because the boredom is real.
    cheers, stay safe and warm if it is snowing around you  :metal:

  2. Houston? Nahhhh , I wish though. Lol
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    yep , would love to go somewhere but I like having my car lol
  4. haha i see. i got a buddy that moved there, says he will miss the snow. 
    agreed. im not so concerned about my own driving but i dont trust other drivers lol
  5. Yep, been coming down since early this morning in KY. It was like 60 degrees yesterday though. Dropped to twenty and the wind's kicking it. Lovely day :D
  6. Pelican island in galveston tx..... Most definitely not lol
  7. In MI and its not snowing right now, its actually pretty sunny but its like 2 outside...
  8. Not yet in Massachusetts but its cold as hell and we are supposed to get snow later in the day.
  9. i live in glasgow, montana. where i gets -60 before windchill, and snows 147 inches. this winter its been really cold. but maybe a foot, foot and a half of snow, wich is mostly melted due to clippers. but here it can snow well into april and march. in fact we usually get snow at least once in march...because fuck montana.
    north east montana was the coldest place IN THE MOTHER FUCKING WORLD a month or so ago. colder than Antarctica!!
    i just went out side in my shorts and no shirt to get he mail... no problem. your blood physically gets thicker in the winter, it takes it a bit, but then your good to go. 
    also never belive frostbite times.... ive gutted a dear in -50 below with 40 MPH winds, gusts to 65 (wind chill at, look it up, -91 F) hands, in a car heart coat and blue jeans with tennis shoes. it took me a good half hour, but i still have my fingers and toes.
  10. Yeah we got like 2inches in the Lou w 45mph wind gust. I heard the wind roarin by my house last night.....we got open fields surrounding us that wind was flowin free n fast
  11. Not at this moment but we have 4 ft on the ground here in northern mn.
  12. Nope, it feels like spring here! I'm in California and its like, 70 degrees out..
  13. No but it's nice outside, 76 in Los Angeles
  14. Snowed yesterday here, -29*F with the wind chill factor currently
  15. Yeup. In CT, we have like 2-3 inches where I'm at so far. Had at most 5 customers today at work, so fun day -_-Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  16. Currently snowing here in CT. I'm suppose to get about 5-8 inches I guess..
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    Snowing like a motherfucker in the ne, gotta be up at 3 to plow. Then after that going boarding on some fresh powder, gonna be smoking in the truck all morning :smoke:
    And if there are any cars parked where I need to plow they will be burried :eek:
  18. [quote name="George994" post="19381759" timestamp="1390340369"]Yeup. In CT, we have like 2-3 inches where I'm at so far. Had at most 5 customers today at work, so fun day -_-Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum[/quote]Also in CT. It started at like 1. Snowplow truck going by as I type this Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum

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