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Is it smokeable? (Kief from Grinder)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Robindean, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. This is left over from a ISO only wash I did on my grinder. This was about 2 weeks ago. And this has been sitting there since. (Dosnt seem as though to much debris would be in it) but is it worth smokin? Or just toss it out?

  2. yea smoke it, i would think so
  3. Why wouldnt you smoke that? :O
  4. i could dispose of that for you bro :smoke:
  5. Good question, well as long as I can smoke it, I am putting it in the rest of my groundup bud. Fuck it.

    Thanks. Good to know I still have somkeable products still sides the herb haha.
  6. If the iso's evaporated bro, it's all good.
  7. k good, cuz it's way past it being evaped.
  8. Smoke dat shiit
  9. why would you ever toss kief .... ? if anything let it build up or make a kief blunt
  10. Holyyy fug. You weren't really gonna throw that away were you? Roll a kief doooob :)
  11. Funny thing is, I am about to obtain more, grinder is going through the second clean phase. (All this from a half ounce, the rest should be about the same or maybe a lil more lol)
  12. the little green ring on the sides with the drips is the best part... all that crap in the bottom would normally be filtered out if this was a proper iso wash... ;)
  13. Doh!

    Well any other ways to filter it?
    Otherwise, I have nothing right now to filter with. Cheese cloth, but seriously doubt that would work. haha.
  14. we use coffee filters but I think you would lose what you have there.. I would just scrape that ring out and top a bowl with it... Happy Token...;)
  15. nah don't smoke that shit you'll die just ship it to me and i will dispose of it properly free of charge(first time's free). :D

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